Sarah Lahbati on experimenting and taking care of her hair

IMAGE Nimfa Chua

So how does Sarah Lahbati maintain her crowning glory? “So basically, my maintenance is treatment once a month. I shampoo every day and conditioner,” she says.

The hair is indeed one’s crowning glory, as in the case of actress Sarah Lahbati, whose dark and thick locks emphasize the nice features of her face.

But being a celebrity, her hair goes through so much stress for it needs to be styled every so often, be it for a pictorial, TV guesting, or a role that she is playing for an acting project.

With the severe stress that a celebrity’s hair goes through, Sarah says that taking good care of her hair is a must.

“I always get my hair styled, they always curl my hair, do so many different things to it,” she tells PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview during the Bench Fix Hair Competition last September 11, Thursday, at the Bench Tower in Taguig City.

“I try to maintain it by using L’Oreal products,” continues the endorser of Majirel hair color products by L’Oreal Professionnel.

The actress also swears that the product is perfect for her hair because “Majirel is not a strong product that dries up my hair.”

As for hair care, the GMA artist relates: “I get treatments at least once a month to make sure it’s healthy and shiny because they curl it all the time and they do so many things to it. So basically, my maintenance is treatment once a month. I shampoo every day and conditioner.”

If her schedule permits, Sarah adds that she visits the salon twice a month. “Kasi nga ang daming pinagdadaanan ng hair. I get a treatment and trim para I don’t have split ends.”

HAIR DARE. Although she wears her hair long, Sarah relates that she sometimes gets experimental with it.

For instance, some years ago, she reveals that she had a bobcat hair and imitated the hairstyle of her idol, the international singer Rihanna.


“I think this was like seven or five years ago. I copied Rihanna’s hair. I did it and I didn’t regret it because I was young and I wanna do something new and I also missed it.”

She admits that while she feels the urge to do something new to her hair nowadays, she is not able to because of a project.

“I can’t right now because I’m doing a movie,” she quips.

However, she continues that she can’t wait to experiment once again with her hair.

“I heard blondes have more fun so I wanna try coloring my hair very light kind of blonde,” she answers when asked what color she wants to try on her hair.





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