Maggie Wilson reluctant to go back to showbiz

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Why Maggie Wilson is not going back to modelling: “I’m kinda old already to be a model. I’m 25, I have a son, and I’m married. I think I’ve sort of graduated from modelling a long time ago.”

Model, former MTV VJ, and Bb. Pilipinas World 2007 titlist Maggie Wilson is also a mommy, an entrepreneur and style icon.

She used to be part of showbiz and did a number of acting projects, particularly on television.

Then in 2011, she faded away from the limelight.

As to the possibility of going back, the actress-turned-beauty queen has her qualms.

Maggie revealed her plans to go back to school.

“I dont know about going into showbiz because I’m gonna start school on November 3, working on my Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. I’m already enrolled at School of Fashion & the Arts (SoFA)," she said.

Maggie spoke to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about her fashion style at Melissa's 35th year celebration at SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City last October 9.

She expressed her excitement about going back to school. “That’s gonna be very interesting 'cause it’s four years and I’m gonna be a full-time student. It's going to be hard juggling school with showbiz, but we’ll see. Maybe I can squeeze in a few guestings here and there."

Maggie married real estate magnate Victor Consunji in 2010 and they have a two-year-old son, Connor.

She also runs an e-commerce business and manages several blogs.

With all these keeping her busy, she said she's also too busy to go back to modelling.

“I’m kinda old already to be a model. I’m 25, I have a son, and I’m married. I think I’ve sort of graduated from modelling a long time ago.”

COMFORTABLE, CLASSIC. Many admire Maggie for her good taste when it comes to fashion and style.

As a matter of fact, Bb. Pilipinas 2014 title holders Parul Shah and Hannah Sison look up to her as their fashion icon.

Photo courtesy of Instagram (@wilsonmaggie)

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So what’s her secret?

“I like to dress comfortably. I love wearing heels but I choose brands that are comfortable. My style is classic. I opt for clothes that fit well... like a pair of well-tailored pants and jacket," she said.

As for color, neutral shades are best. “I always go for basic colors like black, white, nude, blush," she said.

Maggie chooses outfits she can wear several times. “When I go shopping, I like to buy clothes that I can wear more than once... pieces that I can mix and match."

We all own accessories we can’t stay away from. For Maggie, sunnies are essential. “I love sunglasses, I can’t live without them... I never leave home without a pair of sunglasses.”

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes, they give you a more fab look, hide your eyebags, and accentuate an outfit. Maggie names her fave brands of sunnies. “Prada and Celine are my favourites.”

She also likes wearing stylish flats from Melissa. “Actually, Melissa shoes are great because they’re rubber so you can wear them when it’s hot and when it’s raining. Kahit mabasa siya, okay lang. It’s perfect for all types of weather.”





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