Arnel Pineda launches Asian Music Camp to help Asian bands go global

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Journey lead vocalist Arnel Pineda sets up the Asian Music Camp for exceptionally talented bands looking for a break to enter the international music scene. In photo with Arnel is Sanre Entertainment CEO, Rene Walter, his partner in the project.

Arnel Pineda has come up with the Asian Music Camp (AMC) as a launching pad for unknown performers gifted with musical talent to show the world.

AMC is a band competition with only one winner bagging the $1-million worth of cash, record deal, and management contract.

The band will be further mentored by the professionals in the music industry for a shot to fame.

“We did this to give a chance to those aspiring musicians all over Asia, to be able to fulfil their dreams, especially the hopeless ones,” explained Arniel at the press conference of the music competition last Saturday, October 25, at the Garden Ballroom of the EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Hotel.

He expounded, “You know how talented Asians are when it comes to music and we are about to expose them on a global level.

“We’re gonna be here until the end and until they triumph.

“We’re going to manage them until they see their first single loved by millions of their supporters.”

Arniel continued that everyone is welcome to join the contest as long as he is Asian.

“They have to be Asian blood.

“I want for us Asians to be global. That’s why we wanna open this AMC for all the Asians in the world.”

Rene Walter, chief executive officer of Sanre Entertainment, is relieved that the the project is finally under way.

He related, “Arnel and I, over three years, we've been working together, trying to make his brainchild come to reality with what we know we can do.

“The most interesting thing for me about this is we’re all here talking about this, but right now somewhere in the world there are four-five people sitting in the room, playing music.

"And they are looking for a hope for their dreams to come true."


Rene also cited Arnel’s success story when he was chosen to be the lead vocalist of the American band, Journey.

“With Arnel, his dream came true incomparably with anyone else.

"It’s such an extraordinary situation that he had, that he wants to give that back to the people, this opportunity."

He said that starting at the launching of the project, "with the help of the media, with the help of the incredible musicians who are gonna be involved in this," talented bands will be plucked from anonymity and have the chance to perform on a global level."

MECHANICS. Starting January 1, 2015 until March March 31, 2015, aspiring contestants may submit one cover song and one original song to and fans can vote for their favourite bands.

The 50 most favourite bands will make it to the top 50 spots and the selection process will continue until only 10 bands are left.

At that point, the contestants will them be featured on a live television broadcast.

Then the bands will be narrowed down to five bands, where they will be placed in a secluded compound with cameras all around them as in a reality-based TV show.

Each week, the remaining contestants will hurdle various challenges under the scrutiny of celebrity judges, and fans will vote for their favourite bands.

In the end, only two bands will compete for the for the top spot and will get a chance to fame in the international music scene.

The CEO assured that mentors who will get involved at this stage in the competition will be “hot people in the music world, entertainers, performers, producers, and choreographers.

“We’re gonna work with these people. Through the process, there are gonna be people, not just the winner, but people will have opportunities, in the process that they would have never had.”


Meantime, Arnel informed the press that they have not yet sealed a deal with any TV network regarding the airing of their talent search.

“Hindi pa kami nakakapag-agree dyan or nakapag-decide,” but added that they will go with the network that offers the best deal.





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