John Lloyd Cruz wants to meet and chat with actors Sean Penn and Daniel Day-Lewis

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Like any actor of his stature, John Lloyd Cruz has everything but what he wants are the simple things, “I'll just go back to basics... to appreciate the better things."

John Lloyd Cruz has everything any man could wish for — fame, fortune, and the love of a woman. But stripped of glamour, away from the adulation of fans, by himself, he has simple wants.

As he explains it, "It's basically how you appreciate each moment. Para lang 'yan, half empty, half full.

“You know, hindi madali ang trabaho namin, and with so many crisis in this country, parang mahirap to appreciate the better things in life.

"But really, it's just the simple things.”

For example, “Kapag lumabas ka ng bahay, mayroon kang makasalubong and makita mo ang genuine smile, para sa akin, it keeps me grounded.

“Para sa akin, 'yong mga simpleng mga bagay na ganun, na pwede mong mabago ang araw ng isang tao, it would really mean a lot to me.

“It's basically, knowing how to appreciate the little things. Also, the very cliché, counting your blessings.

"As cliché as it may sound, 'yon lang talaga. Wala ka nang magagawa kung nandiyan na.

“I'll just go back to basics, I'll just learn to appreciate the better things.

“Alam kong medyo mahirap and very cliché pero 'yon na lang ang magagawa mo.”

MAGICAL MOMENTS. As an endorser of Magic Flakes crackers, John Lloyd is given the opportunity to transform a day into a magical moment for as many people that he can reach.

That's what he's been doing for the brand, traveling all over the country in the last two years in between his television and movie commitments.

As part of the activation program of Magic Flakes, he surprises randomly chosen recipients with all-expense paid vacation in some favored spots in the country as well as pangkabuhayan packages.


Jenevie Verances, one of the lucky Magic Flakes consumers,
who received a special domestic travel package from John Lloyd Cruz.

For himself, what will his magical day be?

The 31-year-old actor gives it a thought and reveals what he is imagining. As he is set to leave for a vacation in the States with his family and girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, what if he suddenly runs into outstanding actors like Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn over there.

"Kung mayroon akong mami-meet na striking persona, na sa understanding ko can really make a big impact in my professional career.

"I don't mind kung makakasalubong ko si Sean Penn at si Daniel Day-Lewis, and uupo sila para makipagkwentuhan.

"Something like that," then he quips, "'Yon pala, gimmick lang ng Magic Flakes."

Then he turns serious, "“It looks promising 'yong mga paparating na year for me so, I kinda need that inspiration right now.”

John Lloyd Cruz surprises members of the media who participated
in the re-enactment of his new Magic Flakes commercial.

CAREER MOVES. John Lloyd is at the crossroad of his career, particularly now that his contract with his home network, ABS-CBN, expired last month.

It has been reported that he will decide whether to renew his contract after his vacation abroad.

He says, “Para kasi akong nasa transition period na hindi na ako bumabata.

“Parang the choices that I should make become harder and harder to make.

“Parang medyo critical, parang bawat move mo kailangang mapag-isipan talaga.

“So, bawat project, bawat pirmahan mo ng kontrata, bawat commitment, dapat talaga sigurado ka.

“One move can really make a big impact on you. Medyo challenging 'tong year na 'to because of that.”






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