Isabelle Daza quesy about being tagged an IT Girl: “We don’t even use the term.”

IMAGE Karen A. Pagsolingan

Isabelle Daza is the brand ambassador of Garmin, which launched its concept store in Glorietta 5 last November 7.

The IT Girl tag is no big deal to Isabelle Daza.

At the launch of Garmin’s concept store in Glorietta 5 last November 7, she told the press, “I don’t think we call ourselves that.

“We don’t even use that term.”

By “we” she meant her friends Anne Curtis (not in photo), Solenn Heussaff (right, bottom), Georgina Wilson (left, bottom), and Liz Uy (right, top).

Given that all of them are in demand as endorsers, do they compare the number of their endorsements?

Her quick answer: “No, no, no, no!”

And she is happy with whatever is on her plate right now because it gives her the extra hours to train in biking, swimming and running.

Yup, the woman is a triathlete.

She's with Team Gotta, the only rose among the thorns!

What motivates the daughter of actress/former beauty queen Gloria Diaz?

“I guess I wanted to try something new and a different challenge in my life.”

Here's a sneak peek into the very active life of Isabelle Daza:

1. Belle sleeps early so she can wake up early to train. Her plaint: “Minsan, ngarag talaga ako. Napapagod sobra!”

2. She takes supplements, “I take a lot of vitamins and I drink a lot of water.”

3. She trains every day, “three times a week, we run; two times a week, we swim; and three times a week, we bike.”

4. She's a committed triathlete: “Napakahirap na sport siya because you’re really competing with yourself more than anyone.

"Parang it’s the longest conversation you’re gonna have in your head with yourself. Kasi if you wanna stop, you can stop.

“Unlike when you’re in a team, you know, you have teammates then your coach is there.

“Triathlon is all of you.

"Of course I’m happy that people are getting into that trend.


"Really, anyone can do it kaya you have to have the discipline, you have to have the commitment."

5. She likes wearing “cute outfits" as motivation to work out seriously.

With friend Anne Curtis

6. She does not diet, “…ang hirap mag-diet kasi, like for example, the last race I did was seven hours.

"So when you’re moving your body that long parang it’s hard not to get the nutrients.”

7. She totally takes out all the carbs from her meals when preparing for the Bench underwear show or an Avon pictorial.

8. She sees her love life as good and happy. Wedding plans? “Oh my gosh! No, I’m so young. I’m 26. But parang it’s trend now in showbiz, mga engagement."

With boyfriend Adrien Semblat

9. She’s currently into the “no make-up look, just the kilay and lipstick.”

10. She has an upcoming movie with Dingdong Dantes—the Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2.

She revealed, “That’s so tiring like eight months namin ginawa, hindi pa tapos… I did all my own stunts."

Moreover, "And then all the stuntmen, galing China…sobrang ganda!

"I’m really proud of it. Hope you guys watch it.”

Photos courtesy of @isabelledaza on Instagram.





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