Bianca Gonzalez tells how she enjoys preparing for her wedding

IMAGE Nerisa Almo

“It only happens once in your life. Savor every moment of planning,” Bianca Gonzalez on preparing for her wedding.

“It's easy to survive talaga.”

Bianca Gonzalez told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) when asked for tips on surviving the wedding preparations.

At the bridal shower prepared for her by Facial Care held recently, the author of the self-help book Paano Ba 'To (How to Survive Growing Up) related how she's been avoiding stress before the big day on December 10.

These are her simple rules:

1. BOOK EARLY. “As long as you book your venue, the priest that you want, photographer and videographer, that's pretty much it. Others will be easier."

The Pinoy Big Brother host only had six months, and was lucky that many of the people she and JC Intal, her groom-to-be, know are free and very willing to help.

She added, “If you've booked that, it'll be easy."

2. HAVE A CLEAR PLAN. “It will be easy if you're very clear with what you want. Kasi kapag ang dami mong gustong gawin, ang dami mong ideas you want to match, 'yon ang nakaka-stress,” said Bianca.

She did not reveal her wedding's theme, but the reception, she said, “Parang the meeting of our two worlds.”

She added, “As long as you're clear with what you want, it will be easier to plan. Hindi 'yong parang wishy-washy ka pa.”

3. PREPARE TO-DO LIST. Bianca said that in her room, she has Manila paper, where she writes her checklist.

“Ako, I'm very old school. I have two huge manila paper,” she reiterated.

“Parang for me, I have to see it every day. And I see, kunwari ito na 'yong tapos. It helps when you visually see it.”


4. LIMIT THE GUESTS. Bianca said one of the hardest things is completing their guest list.

She mentioned, “Kasi parang it's weighing which you don't wanna do talaga.”

Good thing she received an advice from her brother prior to finalizing their list.

She related, “It's very Pinoy kasi to be, 'Uy, you have to invite ganyan kasi magtatampo.'

“My brother, from the very start, told me, huwag na huwag mong iisipin 'yon.

“It's Pinoy culture but it's your wedding. Bakit sila 'yong magtatampo?

“That helped me a lot kasi noon I was thinking we can't invite the whole world even if we wanted to or our jobs demanded it.

“If we do that, bankrupt na kami before we even start our lives together.

“When my brother gave me that advice, I shared it with JC, and that helped us a lot cut down the guest list.”

Finally, Bianca's last tip...

5. JUST ENJOY IT. “It only happens once in your life. Savor every moment of planning,” Bianca simply ended with a smile.





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