BRAND BITS. Oman Air gives fresh reasons to visit this tiny Middle Eastern nation


Oman Air Chief Executive Officer Paul Gregorowitsch (third from left) on making Manila their 44th destination: "Don't think Oman Air will go away, we will build, we will expand because we are confident that the trade relationship, the attractiveness of Oman and the Philippines will attract many, many passengers..."

Can you imagine a taste of both worlds?

"You've got the beach and the mountains and desert as well. It's a Middle East country where you have green, one of the few Arab countries that have very lush greenery," declares Ritchie Tuaño, Philippine country manager for Oman Air.

Oman Air recently started making noise in the Philippines when it launched its inaugural flight to Manila on December 3, 2014.

Oman Air Chief Executive Officer Paul Gregorowitsch says that the inaugural flight was "a remarkable moment" because on the day Oman Air opened its 44th destination, "at the same time that we were celebrating the 44th National Day of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of the Sultanate of Oman."

The CEO continued, "This could only be a signal of luck and where we are today three times a week and soon four times," he says of the frequency of Oman Air's flights to Manila.

Manila has made it into Oman Air's list of destinations even before Singapore because according to Country Manager Tuaño, "The Philippines itself is a huge market for the Middle East carriers. The volume is there. The biggest market are the OFW."

Even if the OFW's only go home annually, because their contracts run for one to two years only, "the volume is there, because everyday there is a new contract coming up. Philippines is a much bigger market in terms of volume of passengers."

Here is our quick list of reasons, as stated by Gregorowitsch, to include Oman as your next travel destination:


1. "Upon arrival in Muscat, within three hours, we are offering connections to 13 destinations within the Middle East and connections to Europe, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Milan."

2. Flying via Oman Air is going to be exquisite with its "state-of-the-art Airbus 330 with award-winning cuisine, award-winning seats in business-class, the 77-inch lie flat-bed, and monitors that are 17-inch, one of the largest in the industry."

3. Oman has "1,700 kilometers of coast line where you can enjoy the beaches, but if you are in for more adventure, you can go in the desert, stay overnight in a desert camp."

4. December is the most beautiful time to visit Oman up to May.

"The only thing Oman is not offering is a lot of rain, cold winds, snow and ice but everyday sunshine."

5. Oman offers Eco-tourism where you can go to one of the many places where, as Gregorowitsch relates, "every year the turtles come and bring their eggs and come back again.

"This is very amazing because those turtles are traveling from Oman to New Zealand, the South Pacific, and always come back to give birth to their young turtles on the same beach where they were born and they find it without any GPS, without a radar because it is the ultimate environment to give birth to their turtles."

6. Oman has places where you can dive, it has beautiful shopping centers, and medical tourism.

"Thanks to His Majesty and his vision, we have a lot of state of the art, highly modern hospitals."

7. For leisure, there are five-star hotels. For the adventurous, there is an adventure to the desert. For those looking for culture and history, The Royal Opera, the museums, and fortresses.






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