Angel Aquino on aging: 'Instead of thinking too much, you need to sleep more'

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Angel Aquino, who is turning 42, says getting old is inevitable. What's important, she emphasizes, is to grow your mind and "you try to take care of yourself better, para lang mas may longevity ka din."


Angel Aquino is turning 42 and looking not a day older.

She has always been known as a good actress—first in the movies and later, on television. Along the way, she collected awards.

Her latest vehicle as Kapamilya artist is the early primetime series, Bagito.

Reed thin, she is also a fashion model possessed of glamor and chameleon beauty adored by designers.

In her prime, Angel has maintained the look that makes her a scintillating presence on the ramp or on screen. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with the soft-spoken Angel Aquino at an event launching her as the new face of Mags fashion boutique last January 24, Saturday, at TriNoMa.

Angel said she herself could not believe that she has been around in the entertainment business for nearly two decades and still active.

The Pinay beauty made quite an impression when she appeared in a shampoo commercial way back in 1994.

Since then, her face has been the standard of Filipina beauty.

PRIME TIME. Her kind of beauty does not easily fade and, in her 40s, Angel does not have to worry about looking old.

Not that she does, but she has this gnawing fear of the unavoidable effects of growing old.

"Of course, I feel it and I see it, but as much as possible, you try to take care of yourself better.

"Para lang mas may longevity ka din, kasi they’re all getting younger and we're getting wiser, hopefully," she remarked with a giggle.

She added, "We have to be able to, at least man lang makasabay nang konti.


"I will be hypocritical to say I am not but, siyempre, [I] try to philosophize things, and then you tell yourself, just do your best to do it with grace, kasi it's inevitable.

"Every day, every minute that comes, that passes, you're a minute older.

"Lahat naman tayo, even the kids will get older.

"I'm just saying everyone is going there, so ikaw na lang, it's up to you how you deal with it and how you will face it because it's inevitable."

AGE OF WISDOM. What's important, Angel emphasized, is that her way of thinking has matured.

For instance, her idea of celebrating her birthday on the first week of February is "to plant trees" in Marikina, "because that's where I'm from."

She elaborated, "Parang tapos ka na do'n sa inuman, birthday parties…I think it's time [to give back].

"The earth has taken very well of us, so it’s time that we took care of our mother [earth] also."

Priorities change as people age.

She elaborated, "I think you get to an age na iba na yung concerns mo, your priorities.

"So yun na nga ang nangyayari, and you think so much more, 'di ba?

"Pag bata ka, mindless ka sa lahat ng bagay.

"Kokonti ang mga tao na mindful sa ginagawa nila, but when you're a kid, reckless and di ka masyado nag-iisip.

"But now, grabe, you spend so much time thinking and thinking when you need sleep more when you have to defy aging."

LOVE LIFE. Is she in love?


"Yun na nga," she replied before she let out a nervous laugh like she knew what was coming.

"E, wala, e." she continued.

For real?

"Secret," she said in her sweet, soft tone.

Reluctantly, Angel confessed, "Meron, pero para sa mga bagets na lang 'yon, e.

"Ibig kong sabihin yung gano'ng kuwento, sa mga bagets [na lang]."

This year, the talented model-actress said she wants to do movies.

"I wish to do movies again this year, kasi last year, wala akong ginawang pelikula.

"Kahit ano, basta maganda yung role, maganda yung project.

"Nakaka-miss yung indie spirit, pero kahit na commercial movie okay lang din.

"Kasi a movie is a movie, pareho lang naman tayong gustong mangyari."





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