Xian Lim, Alden Richards, Gabby Eigenmann, Janine Gutierrez, and Meg Imperial reveal the perks of being celebrities!

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Their favorite perk of the job? Xian Lim (top) and Alden Richards both like traveling to places in and out of the country.

Who wouldn't want to become a celebrity?

Though it entails giving up your privacy and having a lot of sleepless nights, there are perks!

A singer can charge as much as 250,000 pesos per song during peak months, while an actor’s simple "hi" can easily cost 150,000 pesos.

Lead actors, who tape a teleserye for several hours, can run up to six digits per day.

But there’s more to it than money.

As Alden Richards puts it, “I enjoy the confidence na naikakarga ko on myself because of the people who trust me with their projects.

“In a way, doon ko nasasabi talaga na artista ako because GMA gives me projects na malalaki talaga…”

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked 13 celebrities: Other than money, what are the perks of being in showbiz?

Their common answer? FREEBIES!

Alden exclaimed, "Diyusko Lord—mga cell phone, mga damit, sapatos… madami!”

For Rich Asuncion, "Fun sa pagiging artista, six-seven years na rin, siguro like sa restaurants, may mga free na pinamimigay—pagkain, may dessert pa pala. ‘O, eto, complimentary, ganoon.’"

Gabby Eigenmann related, “In fairness, sabi ko nga, all the hard work na ginagawa namin, not to get free stuff or yun nga, not to take advantage pero it helps.

"Well, may mga libre, products. Sa shirts and sa pants, ‘di ko na kailangan mag-effort bumili, yung shoes!”

In the case of Meg Imperial, she would get “dagdag ng sobra” whenever she dines in a restaurant and a waiter recognizes that she’s the Moon of Desire star.


Sometimes, “Sobrang natataranta sila so nagkamali-mali yung orders ko so, free na lang."

BETTER SERVICE. Speaking of food orders, Meg also noticed that she gets served faster.

Pancho Magno said, "Kapag ikaw yung ano, nag-o-order, mas mabilis sila nagde-deliver. Nakakatuwa."

Roxanne Guinoo, in a separate interview, agreed, “Oo, bumibilis, at saka minsan, pina-priotize ka, ‘Sige po, Ma'am,’ may mga advantages din talaga, alam mo na."

For Diva Montelaba, "Well, mas mabilis ang response nila at ng delivery nila…

“Kasi before, way back, when I was starting pa lang in the business, hindi naman sila ganoon. And like, it's really parang nirerespeto ka nila ngayon, iba talaga, iba yung dating."

VIP TREATMENT. For Gabby,who personally does his errands, which includes paying his bills, he's lucky enough to be given the “courtesy lane.”

He said, “Not because we consider ourselves very important people but because they know time is precious to us and hindi naman kami na nagte-take advantage.

“Pero alam nila kung… siyempre we’re entertainers, e.

“Parang, siguro naandun yung respeto na nahihiya sila to keep us waiting?

“Yung, ‘Naku, baka may trabaho pa ‘yan!’

“Kasi iba din dating sa kanila kapag kami mismo yung gumagawa ng sarili naming responsibilities like, to pay the bills, go to the bank. Most of the ano kasi, like siyempre, may mga sekretarya ‘yan…”

He also added, “Kapag nasa DFA [Department of Foreign Affairs] ka to renew your passport.”

Mike Tan has been in the business for almost 12 years, but he is not used to it.


"Yeah, that's part of it, I guess kasi they just give you first-class accommodation, basically all throughout, and you get privileges din at the same time.

“But I don't like that, yung medyo bine-baby yung mga artists ‘di ba, like you're first in line.

"But ah, it's okay from time to time, pero medyo nakakailang sometimes."

He added, “Mapapansin mo lang na, for example, pumasok ka sa isang store, iba yung treatment kaagad sa ‘yo ng mga tao.

“Minsan nga nagseselos yung mga kaibigan ko, 'Bakit sa ‘yo may Good Morning, sa amin wala.' Lagi nila sinasabi na ako lang yung binabati.

“’Hayaan mo na,’ sabi ko. Ganoon lang yung mga perks.”

MMDA EXEMPTION. Mike also mentioned, “Of course, sa mga security guard, kapag nakikilala ka, not to mention MMDA, nakakagulat, papa-picture na lang sila, tapos okay na."

Gabby seconded, “When you’re on the road? Hindi naman sa inaabuso pero nacha-charm yung mga MMDAs.”

PICTURE-PICTURE. The Dading star said he doesn’t mind when fans ask him for an autograph or a photograph.

“Okay naman yun. That’s part of it. That’s ano, yun lang ang maisusukli mo pagka binigyan ka nila ng special treatment. Siyempre, you return the favor."

Likewise, making people happy makes Jeric Gonzales’s day.

The Protégé alumnus remarked, "Ang saya maging artista kasi, ano, ahm, yung primarily, maraming humahanga sa iyo, and marami kang napapasayang tao.

“For example, kapag may taping kami ‘tapos pupunta kami sa isang lugar, kapag kilala ka ng tao at nagpa-picture siya, parang yung day niya, in just one picture, mabubuo mo na yung araw niya. Hindi ka na niya makalimutan for the rest of his life."


ACKNOWLEDGMENT. It is not exactly a perk, but cager Jimmy Alapag is happy whenever people approach him and commend how he plays.

The newly-minted Sportsman of the Year 2014 of Spin.ph laughed as he recalled what he enjoys about being a "star."

"You know I think one of the nicest things is when you're out in public, you know, I'll be eating out with my family and you hear people say, ‘Oh congratulations,’ or say something as simple as 'Hello.' It just makes you feel good to know that they appreciate what you do and… I feel like I worked really hard to do something I've dreamed of as a kid.

“So to have people, passersby, say they are a fan, or say they are a fan of the team or the way I play, it's a nice feeling. It's something that, as my kids get older, it's something that I'll be able to share with them."

PRIDE. What Juancho Trivino likes most about being in showbiz is, "Napapansin na ako nung ibang mga kapamilya ko na, ‘O, artista!’ proud sila sa akin.

“’Yan yung isa sa mga pinakamalaking perks na nakuha ko. Yung feeling na proud sa iyo yung family mo is a very big thing for me.

“Siyempre, nandiyan na rin yung mga, siyempre, lucrative ‘etong work natin, e, so yung money na nakukuha namin."

MEETING PEOPLE, FRIENDS. Smiling, Janine Gutierrez remarked, "As a star, oh my gosh, hehe, I love my job because I get to meet so many different people, I get to talk to so many different people, and I like that.


“It's something new everyday, so parang there's always something to look forward to.

“Yun talaga yung ‘kinasasaya ko about work."

Kim Rodriguez enumerated the perks of stardom: "Being a star, sobrang happy ako and nag-e-enjoy ako maging isang artist kasi bata pa lang ako, gusto ko na maging artista.

“Unti-unti ko siyang nakakamit, lalo na ngayon, ang ganda ng pasok ng 2015 sa akin.

“Marami akong, bukod sa, marami akong natutunan, marami akong nakikilalang kaibigan!"

Rich added, “Marami kami nakikilalang mga tao na hindi lang basta-basta, yung mga malalaki sa politics or something…”

But what they enjoy most is the TRAVEL.

Xian Lim, a sought-after endorser, told PEP, "Kasi, one of the reasons I became an actor is kasi, I can't just sit, I can't do routinary...

“Uhm, in the States, I worked. I had a couple of jobs. I went to school at the same time.

“So, para sa akin, I wanna live life crazy, gusto ko iba-iba. That's a main perk sa akin, and you get to travel a lot."

Rich echoed, “Yung makapag-travel na libre around the Philippines and around the world. Ayun, nakadalawang international shows na ako dahil sa kanila. So yun, travel."

Alden ended, “Yung number one na na-e-enjoy ko talaga is yung lipad, either domestic or international.”





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