Christian Bautista becomes a Watsons personnel for one day, see what happens...

IMAGE courtesy of Watsons

On April 11, Christian Bautista personally greeted and assisted Watsons shoppers in SM Mall of Arena. His spiels went, "Halika punta kayo rito may mga samples kami…Breath strips for free. 'Tapos kumuha sila. Try, try, try it."

How would you react if you visit a Watsons store and see this?

Or this?

And this?

On April 11, in SM Mall of Arena, Christian Bautista related the people’s initial reaction.

“Nung una parang si Christian ba ‘to?

“Nung una parang, ‘Bakit siya may salamin? Parang mataba siya. Ba’t siya nagbebenta?’”

As part of the brand’s Switch and Save campaign, he experienced what it is like to be a bagger, cashier, promo personnel, and shopper’s assistant.

“It’s one of my firsts so naging masaya talaga, nagbenta ng oral care line, naging bagger, umikot, nag-shopping, and, you know, it got people excited.

“Una parang mga hidden camera pa kunwari, then later on, I have to really introduce myself.

“I had a good time.”

Mimicking an old lady’s voice, he added, ‘”Christian, it was very nice meeting you.”

Which part of the job is the hardest?

His answer was monitoring the BP (blood pressure) because, “…yung iba parang wala sa system nila to have your health checked.”

But the task itself was pretty easy, “Nag-test ako ng BP. Kaya ko na. Madali lang pala, suksok mo lang, measure two fingers, need a pulse, press, start, boom.”

CHRISTIAN’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS. When asked to enumerate his can’t-live-without products, his number one was “sunblock.”

His next: umbrella.

The rest are not exactly products.

“Siyempre phones are given…Friends saka the beach. And stress-free mind.”

The latter, he said, is important because, “Parang it’s time na…My work is very hectic parang sometimes I need to recharge alone.”

CHRISTIAN’S GROOMING ESSENTIALS. He is not exactly vain but he believes that men these days need to be more conscious about their grooming.

Before, “Pare, panyo lang ‘yan…” he said laughing.

The Kapuso singer/actor resumed, “Hindi nila narerealize kapag nasa MRT sila ‘tapos bad breath sila, patay na kasi kasama nila yung ibang tao.


“So ngayon nagiging conscious na so people tend to, you know, do their best to smell good, to have a good breath, and more than that, to look good as well, so take care of your skin.

“More than grooming, sa health din papasok, e. Medyo ano pero some infections sa teeth can be bad for your health.

“Or sometimes when you grow older and you have bad skin, ang extreme naman diyan is skin cancer. So yung health din pumapasok.”

What’s his most important grooming product?

“Ako honestly, breath strips kasi I need that for interviews. I need that for meeting, the fans and singing as well.”

And with Watsons’ Switch and Save campaign, there’s no stopping the Pinoys from having a grooming routine.

“…it’s a good mix,” he said about the store.

“They take care of [you] and then they have the pharmacy…Oh by the way they have a doctor here, so, one-stop shop.”

Most importantly, “Save up to 80 percent. Leading brand, mas mura, same quality, wonderful, wonderful set-up. Immediately parang naka-save ka.”

By the way, aside from Christian, also spotted at the store that day were Daphne Oseña-Paez...

...and Jenni Epperson.





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