What Rica Peralejo does to look young and slim

IMAGE Karen A. Pagsolingan

How hand-on is Rica Peralejo to taking care of her baby, Philip Nathaniel? She breastfeeds him and she prefers not to have a yaya.

How did Rica Peralejo lose the baby weight?

Smiling, she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “Madali lang iyan sinasabi ko sa kanila—one, mag-breastfeed ka; pangalawa, pag tumaba ka, huwag kang mag-yaya.”

At the launch of F&F’s Spring Summer 2015, we spotted her looking so slim.

We remarked, “Parang hindi ka nanganak.”

Wanders@Wonders www.ricaperalejo.ph

She shook her head, stating that there was a time when she had to diet and exercise.

Rica related, “When I gave birth, wala talaga yun. Ginagawa ko lang was entirely breastfeed and it was working. I was losing weight.

“After a while, it stopped. Parang the losing weight stopped but the habit of eating a lot is still there so I kinda got fat for a while.”

Wanders@Wonders www.ricaperalejo.ph

“And then I realized na I don’t wanna be that fat so I cut on a lot of things.

“I didn’t really starve myself, but more like, huwag ng kumain ng mga super rich in fats…

“I lost weight din naman ‘tapos exercise, gano’n.

“Kasi mararamdaman mo rin when you’re aging, hindi na nga gano’n kabilis [ang metabolism].

“Akala ko you’ll never be that way.”


fitnessfocus.com, “Focus T25 is based around the theory that 25-minutes of high intensity exercise puts your body in the range for optimal continuous calorie burn.

“This means your body will continue to burn more calories after your workout is over.”

NO YAYA. Her baby Philip Nathaniel is now 15 months old, and, “Yeah, I still am breastfeeding my baby,” she said.

She prefers not to have a yaya so at the event, she brought her boy with her.

“Well, I have a helper to help me out. But not really a yaya-yaya. When we’re at home, she gets to help, she gets to change the nappy.

“Pero lahat pa rin halos ako, like ako lang nagpapaligo sa kanya or my husband, gano’n.

“So medyo sobrang hands-on talaga.”

What’s the hardest part?

“…it’s when you can’t find anybody to really watch him, and, at the same time, and you don’t naman want to drag him to all of your…like events like today, I have to bring him kasi wala talagang magbabantay sa kanya.


“Yun siguro yung pinakamahirap, kasi I have to be a mom and also work at the same time.”

NO MORE SERYE. At present, she is a full-time mom and blogger (here’s the link to her blog).

Her last regular TV project was the Christmas special mini-series Ikaw Ay Pag-ibig, which aired its final episode on January 27, 2012.

Thereafter, she appeared on Maalaala Mo Kaya and Showtime. Her last guesting was two years ago.

Doesn’t she have plans of going back to TV?

“Ayoko. I’ve been offered many times. I really don’t like it. I know that maybe someday…

“But for now, it just doesn’t work with my life.”

She’s very, very happy with her present role and journey.

“… parang every step of the way…I think the most wonderful thing about being a mom is that you think when he snores, that’s the most wonderful thing.


“And then as he grows older, that‘s even more wonderful.

“And then when he grows older again, parang wow, it doesn’t stop.

“It keeps getting better and better.

“So parang ang saya lang niya kahit mahirap!

“Nagiging crazy din yung joys mo in being a mom. When he interacts, parang bigla na lang siyang marunong mag-ganito, mag-ganyan, nagiging tao na siya.”

So far, Philip “can say mama, papa, thank you, he can say a lot of things.”

NO WRINKLES. Lastly, we asked her to reveal how she manages to look the same since her Gimik days.

“Ano ba? Ewan ko, wala naman akong ginagawa.

“I think I’m also a very playful person and that kinda contributes to looking young because I like to laugh, I like to be carefree…

“And I refuse to believe kasi na aging in the physical means aging in the inside so para sa akin, I’m a lot younger now in terms of emotions na parang I’m fresher…


“Kasi dati, sobrang bigat nung mundo ko, stress, ganyan. I realized na hindi naman pala kailangan ng gano’n.”

She also thanked Philip for unwittingly helping her look young.

“…when you’re a mom, you kinda have to be more playful kasi kailangan mo sila sabayan. Lumalabas talaga yung child in me.”





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