Andi Eigenmann shows how she raises Ellie to be gender bias-free

IMAGE @andieigengirl on Instagram

“If Ellie wants to play with robots or wear swim trunks at the beach, she's free to do so,” says Andi Eigenmann about her three-year-old daughter Ellie.

How do you raise a gender-sensitive child?

Andi Eigenmann's recent posts about her daughter, Ellie, on Twitter caught the attention of some followers who are parents as well.

The actress showed how she's been trying to raise a three-year-old girl to be bias-free when it comes to gender.

We were at the bookshop and ellie was looking at Marvel's The World Acc to Wolverine. Until her yaya goes, "not that! Thats for boys." >>>

— Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) July 16, 2015

Luckily I heard and was there to stop it. Thats not how we do things in our home. Nothing is classified depending on gender. >>

— Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) July 16, 2015

If Ellie wants to play with robots or wear swim trunks at the beach, she's free to do so. Alot may disagree w the way I choose to raise her

— Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) July 16, 2015

But that's what we believe in. You do you, while we do us.

— Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) July 16, 2015

Her tweets are just one of the many ways parents can do to teach their kids to be gender-sensitive.

In an previous article on Smart Parenting titled “Beyond Pink & Blue: How to Raise Gender-Sensitive Kids,” it stated that “kids grow into well-rounded adults if their parents allow them to explore all possibilities—and this includes stripping them of gender biases.”

Although gender identity is said to be biologically-determined, psychologists believed believe that it is also reinforced by “environmental factors, particularly in the way parents, relatives, and peers treat children.”

Lastly, to raise children who are not “sexist,” it is important to have a positive parent-teacher-child interaction to help the kids form a bias-free outlook, attitude, and actions.





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