BRAND BITS. What Saab Magalona, Romi Garduce, and other celebs look forward to

IMAGE Nikko Tuazon (left) / Courtesy of Sony Philippines

Saab Magalona (left) played with her band Cheats at the Johnnie Walker event last September 18, while Sanya Smith (right) of The Zombettes hosted the launch of Sony's "Silent Party" last September 16.

Saab Magalona is one "happy girl."

When she was asked to become one of the brand influencers of Johnnie Walker, she remarked, “I mean not everyone gets this opportunity.

"And it’s just crazy to think that they believe I embody someone who walks with joy and lives her life with joy.

“And it’s great because it’s true..."

What brings joy to the musician/blogger?

“What brings me joy is freedom.

“I really enjoy being able to make decisions on my own,” she replied.

Then she smiled and mentioned her marriage to Jim Bacarro.

“It’s really, really so much fun, and it’s crazy to wake up every day next to him.

“Masaya. It’s the best decision I have made.”

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Saab, along with her band Cheats, played some of their original songs, including “Summer,” at the event.

ROMI GARDUCE'S NEW GOALS. Meanwhile, the first Filipino to climb the seven highest mountain peaks in the world (including Mt. Everest in Nepal and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa) was also introduced as a brand influencer.

Guess what drove him to achieve such feat?

“Hindi ko naman originally inisip yung Seven Summits, I just love to travel.

"Gusto ko yung experience of hiking in different mountains, different mountain ridges all over the world.

“Pero nung nakita ko na nilagyan ko ng plano na, ‘I want to climb the Seven Summits,’ nagkaroon ng focus.

“Nagkaroon ng better fulfillment kasi meron akong nakikitang achievement on my part.


“Sometimes we’re just pressured, so we need to find that path kumbaga.

“Kung saan sa tingin mo mas sustainable, mas long term, and if you’re doing something na you’re really passionate about.

“Kumbaga automatic na yung return, e.”

Romi has a new goal.

“Wala pang Pilipinong nagsa-South Pole expedition, wala pang nagno-North Pole.

“So hindi pa tapos ang laban. You finish one and then you try to raise the bar high.

“There’s so much more to do and of course there will be challenges.”

SILENT PARTY. For music lovers and musicians, here's something to look forward to: "a more upbeat and heart-thumping listening experience."

According to Sony's Personal Audio product manager Cel Anolin, that's the promise of the brand's Xtra Bass headphones, which were tried by Ramon Bautista and Sandwich band vocalist Raymund Marasigan.

For the partyphiles, Sony has already begun its series of parties.

The first-ever silent disco party was held at Black Market, Makati, on September 16.

The succeeding parties will be headlined by local underground music acts The Zombettes, Skratchmark, Italo, Yana, Vince Pante, and David Sorrenti.

Black Market’s resident DJs Erick Ong, Red Lintag, Angelo Mendez, PJ Martinez, and Astrid Reyes will also join the upcoming events.





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