Gary Valenciano: "I have more bad hair days than good hair days.”

Gary Valenciano on the importance of good health: " doesn’t make sense that, 'Wow, he looks good,’ but then he ends his life so early? And why? Because he didn’t take care of his health.”

The subject of age seems to be taboo among celebrities, because they're supposed to look good with each passing year.

Gary Valenciano is an exception.

He doesn't mind discussing aging as he himself knows it.

"Mr. Pure Energy" has no illusions about looking forever young, even if he gets compliments like "parang ang batang-bata mo pa!"

The seasoned performer never hid the fact that he's aging like everybody else, and that hair loss, a common problem among the Valencianos, is one proof of this.

Gary said in a press conference last November 24, “You know what they say, that statement, "Bad hair day?"

"I have more bad hair days than good hair days.”

He recalled how he discovered his hair-loss problem.

“I noticed that when I’d wipe my hair, after shampooing, there’s lots of strands.

"Now, everyone is allowed or allotted a certain amount of [hair] strands to lose per day.

"You will really lose a number, but mine was alarming.”

A hairstylist suggested Novuhair. And Gary has been using it for four years now.

CONSCIOUS BUT NOT VAIN. People assume he's vain because of his high-profile job, but he insists doing one's best to look decent has nothing to do with vanity.

“I never, never, never considered myself as someone that people would really look at twice and say, 'Hmm… Wow!’

"I’d rather that people say something about my performance than me standing still and people going, 'Wow!’”

He knows being one of the country's top performers requires him to look good.


“When I finally entered the industry, I noticed that people were taking notice of me, of this Gary Valenciano.

"All the more I became conscious.

”I just felt na parang, if I am gonna come out and people are only going to see me once in their entire lifetime, I better come out looking the way I should.

"At least presentable enough for people to say, 'Hey, you know, he’s okay.’

"But not like, 'Wow, he’s hot!’”

EMBRACING AGING. What's his advice to those who want to look good as they age?

Gary's number one tip is for them not to have diabetes.

He explained, “'Di ba, it doesn’t make sense that 'Wow, he looks good’, but then he ends his life so early?

"And why? Because he didn’t take care of his health.”

Gary added, “If you’re taking medications, then take it religiously.

"I have to. Take it from me, because that’s what I do on a daily basis, and it helps.”

Lastly, Gary stressed the importance of choosing the right food.

“You know, what you put in, it’s registered in the way you look."





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