Stars are crazy about Hoverboards!

Yup, even Pia Wurtzbach knows how to hoverboard!

The latest toy to invade showbiz is the self-balancing hoverboard.

Did you know it's been around since the late 80s.

It was the levitating skateboard of Marty McFly, portrayed by Michael J. Fox, in the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part 2.

Well, this is the modern version.

This one goes out to @driftph thanks for the wheels #hoverboard #segway #DjiOsmo

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It was December of last year when (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spotted more stars trying to get the drift of it on Instagram.

Aside from James, there was Ogie Alcasid...

Paolo Balesteros

Another celebrity dad Doug Kramer

Now why do they say it's so cool to have one? In fact, it's on top of the Christmas list of most Star Magic kids.

According to, it's compact and eco-friendly.

These scooters "use lithium-ion batteries [also used in smartphones, tablets, and laptops], and are consequently inherently zero-emission machines which can operation both inside and outside, thus multiplying their usability."

Here's Ina Raymundo using it inside her house.

Sherilyn Tan's daughter Eia learning how to use it at the mall.

Another benefit is it's cost-effective.

It's being positioned in the market as "an attractive alternative means of transportation."

Here's Ronnie Henares of Pepito Manaloto finding the need to learn how to ride a hoverboard.

For Alex Diaz, a wakeboarder, hoverboarding is no sweat.

Best of all, it's supposed to make chores and tasks easier, right, Saab Magalona?

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But before, you jump on the bandwagon, remember three things:

1) Buy legit brands.

Think of your safety so don't settle for anything made of cheaper materials.

Usual cost range is from 8,000 up to 10,000 pesos.

There are brands that actually cost more than 100,000 pesos.

2) Charge carefully to avoid injury or, worse, explosion.

3) Ride safe.

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