Karel Marquez has advice for moms: 'Take care of your body...yourself.'

Karel Marquez  says moms, no matter how busy they are, should find time to take good care of themselves.

"It doesn't mean na porke't nanay ka na, busy ka, hahayaan mo nang pabayaan ang sarili mo."

Becoming a parent changes a person in so many ways.

In the case of Karel Marquez, motherhood has taught her to become practical and prioritize her kids first over herself.

At the Watsons Great White Sale event, Karel told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "I think every mom naman who really loves their kids, parang you'll really change your perspective on everything.

"For example, I remember, no'ng kunyari no'ng dalaga pa ako and if I have mga ipon from work, parang siguro mapupunta sa bag.

"Honestly, siguro I'll buy a bag or medyo expensive na ano, pero ngayon, wala na.

"It goes to my kid, it goes to their school.

"Every thing that I earn, everywhere I go, kunyari may sale akong nakikita, instead of buying for myself, I end up buying for them.

"Parang it's already a natural habit ng isang nanay,

"But you know, I'm very happy right now at this point in my life."

TIME MANAGEMENT. Karel is taking the whole "new year, new me" very seriously, and hopes to squeeze in some me-time to her busy schedule.

"Last year, well, I was so busy of course with my kids kasi.

"Being a mom sometimes, for other moms sometimes, they forget to take care of their body and to take care of themselves because marami silang inaasikaso.

"First, they have jobs then may mga anak sila plus to take care of kunyari may asawa ka, plus you have to take care of the house.

"So parang you always have to make time for yourself and to take care of yourself.

"It doesn't mean na porke't nanay ka na, busy ka, hahayaan mo nang pabayaan ang sarili mo.

"I think that's the most important thing.

"It's very challenging for a mom pero ano, fulfilling din yun once you take care of your child, di ba?"


With her busy schedule, how does she juggle work, business, and family?

The mom of two stressed the importance of "balancing."

"Well first I have a business. I own my organic lipstick line, it's called Spark.

"And then, of course, my two kids. Di ba two kids parang for a mom like me, talagang kailangan kumayod tayo, work hard.

"Work and then all the while, balance.

"I make sure na parang when they're home parang I make sure na kunyari they do their homework...mayroon kaming kaunting bonding time.

"Well, I'm blessed naman kasi 'cause they're really smart, parang di ko sila kailangan masyadong tutukan na, 'Oh my god kailangan mong mag-aral!'

"They're doing well.

"So balancing time I think.

"Huwag lang ako parang masiraan ng ulo kahit dalawa ang anak.

"I have to make sure that I balance it well and by being this calm, relaxed."

STAYING FIT AND PRETTY. Part of all this balancing act is taking care of herself.

"Once in a while I go to plyo," she said, referring to Plyometrics, a jump training.

Her gym, CJA Plyo, is where Solenn Heussaff, Ellen Adarna, James Yap, and other stars also do their workouts."

Karel resumed, "I go there, at least when I can, kapag walang trabaho, like once a week."

When she feels the need to diet, "I do have sponsors sa Fitness Gourmet PH on Instagram.

"So sometimes when they give me, and I also follow their account."

The downside of dieting though for a busy person like her, "Sometimes, I get dizzy.

"Hindi ko kaya yung ano yung kunyari walang carbs ganyan.

"So, I still eat what I want as long as I make bawi doon sa plyo."

For her flawless skin, Karel said she doesn't have any beauty secret or regimen.

"I don't go to the derma. I always take care of it [skin].


"I think, ano, my mom talaga has good genes and my dad, even if they're old already, they look very young."





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