Agot Isidro is not worried about signs of ageing: "May mga lines ako, pero happy lines."

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Botox is not going to be part of Agot Isidro's solution to ageing.

Agot Isidro takes kindly to women who have had cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical appearance.

She said she has nothing against it, it’s just not her thing, “Wala akong pinagawa. Wala!”

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Being an actress, she appears on television and in the movies, but apparently signs of ageing on her face do not worry Agot.

“May mga lines ako,” she conceded, “pero happy lines.

“Nagtitina lang po ako ng buhok, kasi pag hindi, waley ang dating.”

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And her only take on fellow celebrities who are willing to go under the knife for the sake of beauty, “Hindi ko sila ma-judge, e.

“Ako lang, hindi ako nagbo-Botox dahil gusto ko gumalaw ang mukha ko, dahil artista ako, e.

“Pag nagugulat ako, gusto ko nagugulat yung mukha ko.

“Yung sa iba, very personal ‘yan, e, it’s how they see themselves…

“But I have no judgment, I will not say anything bad because it’s a very personal decision,” said Agot in an interview after her shoot for PEP FB Live at Summit Media studio in Mandaluyong City, on Thursday, January 25,



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