Kim Chiu shows how makeup can be done in a snap

IMAGE @chinitaprincess on Instagram

Kim Chiu posts a time-lapse video of herself doing her own hair and makeup on her way to work.

Ever had those days when you didn't hear your alarm go off and, running super late for work, you spent the entire commute doing your hair and makeup?

Yep, we've all been there—and so has Kim Chiu!

Kim posted on Instagram her "kind of 3 minute car make up" time-lapse video, and it seemed she has mastered the art of doing her hair and makeup in a snap.

Complete with a vanity mirror and a towel wrapped around her head, Kim breezed through her makeup routine as she rushed to work.

From priming her face, doing her kilay, and applying lip stick, the actress did it all!

Watch her video below:


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