Solenn Heussaff goes barefaced to show celebrities don't wake up "perfect"

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Solenn Heussaff gets real about how "looking perfect" can lead to misconceptions on how people should lead their lives: "It's easier to second guess yourself when everyone seems to have a perfect life. It's easier to fall into anxiety and depression."

If there's one thing you should know about Solenn Heussaff, the actress/artist/blogger likes to keep it real, especially on her social media feeds.

She doesn't even bother curating her posts.

As the GMA-7 star writes in her recent blog post on, "I like sharing my thoughts and whatever else I come up with in life in the most honest way possible."

In the said blog post, Solenn opens up about the reality of her work as a celebrity.

She continues, "I think it's easy to think that 'celebrities' (lol I hate calling myself that) have perfect lives because we're seen like with perfect makeup and perfect hair and perfect clothes a lot, but that isn't even our real life.

"And honestly, SO MUCH time and effort goes into looking like how we look on TV and stuff."

In a supporting video post, Solenn goes barefaced to show her followers just how much work it takes to create her celebrity look.

Solenn does her own makeup, styles her own hair, chooses her own clothes, and even shows how many selfies it took to take this photo below. 

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PERSONAL DOUBTS. Just like her friend Isabelle Daza, who recently spoke at a mental health forum about the negative effects of social media, Solenn also writes her own perspective on the matter.

She narrates, "When I was growing up, if my friends went on summer [vacation] to Europe or somewhere fancy, I wouldn’t hear about it until I saw them again.

"But now, it isn’t like that.

"Because of social media, our lives are on display all the time, and it becomes so much easier to compare your life with your friends who are always traveling, who always have the best clothes, who have the cutest boyfriend/girlfriend.


"I still remember a time when it wasn’t this way, but this is the reality that kids today are growing up with.

"It’s easier to second guess yourself when everyone seems to have a perfect life.

"It’s easier to fall into anxiety and depression."

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STOP THE "CULTURE OF PERFECTION." Solenn then writes different ways for us to become much more sympathetic and kinder to one another.

She points out, "If you are struggling with something, no matter how small you think it is, you need to talk to someone. Get it off your chest and off your mind...

"It’s not selfish to focus on yourself. You are important to SO MANY people around you."

The actress also underscores the importance of words, "I’m sure the people who told me I was getting bigger didn’t want to trigger a mental downward spiral for me.

"But that’s also the point—you don’t know how someone is going to take your words, whether you’re joking or not, so it’s just always better to use them to be kind and to build each other up."

With regard to her concluding thoughts, Solenn highlights the value of staying real on and offline.

On her video, she remarks, "Just be real about everything. Like, if someone asks you, ‘Wow, you look so good. How long did it take you to get ready?’ Don’t say, ‘Oh, I was rushing from my office and I did it in the car.’ If it took you two hours, it took you two hours—so what? It’s amazing to feel beautiful and it’s amazing to look beautiful.

"Just be real about it... the thing is, guys, everyone’s life is different.

"Everyone’s personality is different, so stop comparing yourself.


"Live life and be true to yourself, and remember: have fun!"





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