Andi Eigenmann tired of hating her body, freckles, stretchmarks, and scars

IMAGE @andieigengirl on Instagram

And Eigenman embraces her body insecurities—"freckles, scars, stretch marks, and all."

Andi Eigenmann proudly showed off her stretch marks in a red two-piece bikini on Instagram on November 26.

The mother of one acknowledged on her caption that she still has insecurities "like everyone else."

But at this point, she "just got tired of hating my body."

Andi then declared, "Now, I have come to accept myself for the way I am. Freckles, scars, stretch marks and all."

Her post struck a chord with her followers, and it has received over 106,365 likes so far.

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A number of celebrities praised Andi on the post's comments section.

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Iza Calzado told Andi, "Yes yes yes! Love this and i love you!! [red heart emoji]."

The Kapamilya actress founded The Body Love Revolution, which is a body positivity movement, empowering women to love the body they have.

Andi replied, "thanks ate iza!!! Love you too!! You are one of my inspirations! [two flower emojis]."

JM de Guzman, IC Mendoza, Yassi Pressman, and fellow celebrity mom Karen Reyes loved the post as well.

Meanwhile, one male netizen decided to his give his two cents about what makes Andi a "real woman" and a "natural chick."

He wrote, "Real men dig a natural chick. Your freckles make you look beautifully tisay. Your eyes launch a thousand ships, your stretch marks make you a real woman, your curly hair crowns your very attractive face. YOU ARE REALLY CLASSY BEAUTIFUL."

Andi dismissed his comment, saying she "COULDN'T CARE AT ALL WHAT 'REAL MEN' THINK."

The actress then underlined that her post was about "SELF LOVE AND APPRECIATION... being confident in your skin and knowing that we are beautiful... But k ty 4 ur opinion."





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