Here's how you can take star-quality selfies like JoshLia's

Try these artista-approved shots for your next IG post.
Aug 16, 2018

Celebrities are good at many things, but the one thing that almost certainly stands out is their knack for looking good in front of the camera. They know which poses to make, which angles to show, and which snaps to upload on their Instagram feed.

If you want to look as effortlessly glamorous in your selfies, look to your favorite celebs' feeds for ideas. Then practice preening, pouting, and putting your best face forward. Remember that stars take dozens (even hundreds) of shots before they capture that IG-worthy snap, so you may have to put your phone to work.

All this photo-taking can severely drain your phone's battery, so make sure you use a smartphone with a reliable batt. The OPPO F9 has a VOOC Flash Charge Technology, which enables you to charge quickly when you're in the selfie zone. It takes the battery power level from 0 to 75 percent in just 30 minutes. And with just five minutes of charging, you get a two-hour talk capacity and loads of battery power to take those selfies.

Ready to up your selfie game? Grab your OPPO phone and take some inspiration from Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

1. THE #WOKEUPLIKETHIS SHOT. There's a reason why celebrities love taking shots of themselves in bed sans makeup (or so they say): Lying down is great because this angle frames the face well.



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto) on

How to do-it-your-selfie: You want this to look as natural and relaxed as possible. Neutral-colored sheets will give it a crisp, clean background and allow the attention to be focused on you. Artfully arrange your hair around your face, and give your best smize (smile with your eyes). Looking well-rested helps, but if not, a little concealer and a quick curl of your lashes wouldn't hurt. No one has to know!


2. THE SELFIE WITH A VIEW. This shot isn't purely #GGSS (gandang-ganda sa sarili) but also gandang-ganda sa view. It shows the celeb plus an interesting backdrop—perfect for traveling.


Off the bucket list œ”️œ”️

A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto) on

How to do-it-yourselfie: Find a pretty backdrop, like the beach or mountains, and position your camera so that you're only partly in the frame. Let the beauty of your surroundings occupy the rest of your shot.


3. THE DETAIL SHOT. Some celebs take extreme close-ups of their faces or other parts of their body when they want to highlight a certain detail.


Ylona-ing on And I Love You So 🖖🏻

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How to do-it-your-selfie: Think of one thing you want to showcase, like a bold lip color or a gorgeous necklace, and experiment with different angles to make the feature pop.


4. THE MIRROR SELFIE. Taking a selfie in front of the mirror allows celebs to capture more of their body and not just their face. Your favorite stars, like JoshLia, often use this shot to show their #OOTD (outfit of the day). Others use this angle to show off the toned bodies they work so hard to maintain.  


Ready for the #OPPOF5 launch :)

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How to do-it-your-selfie: Experiment with different angles to find the most flattering one for your body. You can try leaning forward and resting a hand on the bathroom counter while thrusting your hip out in one direction, for example. Feeling a little self-conscious? You can use your phone to cover your face so the focus will be on your body.


5. THE ARTSY SELFIE. Some celebs get a little more creative with their shots, playing with light and shadows to create a dramatic look.



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How to do-it-your-selfie: Indoors, pick a spot that has an interesting detail that can cast a shadow on part of your face. Outdoors, play around with light. Try to capture a bit of the sun or some lens flare in your shot to get that diyosa look.   

Of course, you will need more than a few tries before deciding on one that's worthy of posting. 

That's why you need a phone that will meet all of your selfie needs; one that has an added power feature to complement its great camera specs.

OPPO F9 will be initially available in Sunrise Red and Twilight Blue for P17,990 (6GB RAM). Pre-order from August 24, 2018 until August 30, 2018 to get freebies worth P2,000. For more information on OPPO’s exciting products and activities, like OPPO Philippines’ official Facebook page and follow @OPPOPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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