How your love for makeup can earn you money

Your makeup addiction might just land you a P100,000 reward!
Dec 19, 2017

Raise your hand if you already have a ton of lipsticks but still feel like you need that gorgeous new berry lippie (and also that smoky shadow palette) being advertised on the beauty counter. Oh wait, even that nude liquid lipstick! "Wala pa akong ganyang shade of nude!" you try to reason.

But what if your beauty addiction can also be an instant income generator instead of just a money drain? Yes, it's possible! Here are some ways you can make extra cash out of your makeup obsession.


1. Do other people's makeup—for a fee!

Ever been asked by your friends or titas to do their makeup because the kikay gene is clearly strong in you? You can turn those  makeup jobs into a regular side gig! Simply set up a small station at home, and tell your friends and neighbors that you do beauty consultations and makeovers for a reasonable rate.


2. Write or film your own beauty reviews.

Sniff around for online publications looking for contributing beauty writers, and then offer to do makeup reviews for them. You can also write on your own blog, or film yourself doing reviews. Who knows? Brands might take notice and hook you up with a nice "influencer" package.


3. Sell your unopened or pre-loved goods.

Bought blush on a whim and then realized it's not the shade for you? Instead of letting it gather dust together with all the other items you don't use, sell them at a discounted rate. Just post photos online along with a convincing caption, and wait for the interested parties to start commenting. Ka-ching!


4. Offer to be a personal makeup shopper.

Since you're practically a pro at navigating beauty aisles, put your skills to good use by offering to be a personal shopper for your busy colleagues and relatives (especially this holiday season!). You can charge per hour or depending on the amount of items you have to shop for. Up to you!


5. Try your luck at beauty contests.

Now here's a chance for you to really win big—up to P100,000, in fact! Make use of your massive beauty collection and makeup chops to impress the right people by joining a competition like the Ever Bilena Big Beauty Challenge.

Now on its second year, this contest is an awesome avenue for you to showcase your skills while also being the perfect excuse to buy more Ever Bilena products. Win-win!

Here are the mechanics:

1. This contest is open to all vloggers and aspiring or professional makeup artists in the Philippines.

2. Starting December 15, Ever Bilena will announce a weekly theme via its Facebook page. To join the contest, simply create a short makeup tutorial video (one to three minutes) following the theme and using Ever Bilena products.

3. Post your video on Facebook, include the hashtags #EBBigBeautyChallenge2 and #EverBilena, and tag Ever Bilena Cosmetics (@everbilenacosmetics).

Weekly winners will get P15,000 in cash and will automatically be qualified for the grand finals, where they can win P100,000 worth of prizes (P70,000 in cash and P30,000 worth of Ever Bilena products).

Promo runs from December 15, 2017, to February 22, 2018. For more details, follow Ever Bilena on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Ever Bilena.
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