Nadine Lustre to Pinays: "Basta fearless ka, lahat kaya mong malagpasan."

Nadine shares how she deals with criticism thrown her way since the start of her showbiz career.
Nov 29, 2017

No one is immune to the negative, not even a big star like Nadine Lustre. From naysayers to bashers, she has dealt with them all.

Nadine is proof that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Here are three instances that show her strength and resilience in battling negativity:

When she's unapologetic for remaining true to herself

When netizens bashed her for posing a photo of herself wearing a bikini, Nadine chose to shrug them off.

"I don't want people to think na I'm pakawala, but I'm never going to be santa-santita. I'm not a saint," she said in a magazine interview. She also said she will not let anyone dictate whatever she posts on her social media accounts.

She even added that some people wanted her to delete some of her posts on social media. Of course, Nadine didn't.

When she responded with strength and class

Bashers accused Nadine of prioritizing her love life over her recent family troubles.

In response, she posted this on social media: "To everyone who's been judging me, remember this. You will always see me up but never down." During these trying times, she was responding to her fans with positive messages—urging everyone to fight negativity instead of encouraging it.

When Nadine bid her doubters goodbye

Even a successful actress like Nadine has had her share of people doubting her abilities. She's had blockbuster films and high-rating teleseryes, yet they continue to question her ability as an actress.

Nadine, however, is not fazed by any of this. In fact, she used this to improve herself and become a better person. Watch this:

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