Sunshine and Angelina Cruz's secret to bright, beautiful skin costs below P130

For the celeb mother and daughter, an effective skin-care routine doesn't have to be expensive!
Mar 25, 2021

Celeb mom and daughter Sunshine and Angelina Cruz’s glowing skin is the inspiration we need to step up our skin-care routine. And, surprisingly, their beauty philosophy doesn’t revolve around pricey beauty products or complex regimens.

As Sunshine said in one of her Instagram posts: “Pampering doesn’t have to be expensive.”

The two believe that skin-care products can be both effective and affordable — just like the skin-care duo that helps care for their skin: Silka Papaya Soap (P31.75 SRP, 90g) and Silka Papaya Premium Lotion with SPF 30 (P93.50 SRP, 100ml)

A trusted brand for almost 20 years, Silka is Sunshine and Angelina’s brand of choice as it offers pocket-friendly products that, with regular use, help maintain their clear and luminous complexion.

At an online event, Angelina explained why she chose to follow in her mom’s footsteps when it comes to choosing Silka for her skincare. “As you can see naman, [my mom] has flawless skin that people would mistake na magkakapatid kami. And so of course, what she trusts, I trust as well.”

Silka, for them, is more than just a trusted brand, it’s a symbol of alaga passed down from generation to generation.

Know more about the holy grail products Sunshine and Angelina swear by below:

Silka Papaya Soap

Gentle and affordable, this soap not only cleanses Angelina’s skin but also helps give her the alaga she needs every day. The Papaya enzyme and Vitamin E contain anti-aging properties that help nourish her skin.

Photo by Angelina Cruz.

Even better: Silka Papaya Soap helps eliminate dead skin cells to reveal a natural, youthful glow and leaves a smooth, radiant finish with a fragrant, fruity-fresh scent. All that and more for as low as P31.75 (SRP).

For Angelina, it really is a skin-care must-have.

Silka Papaya Premium Lotion with SPF 30

With summer in sight, Sunshine counts on this lotion to help keep her skin moisturized and hydrated — sans the sticky feeling. With its SPF 30, it helps protect the skin from darkening due to the sun’s UV rays.

Photo by Sunshine Cruz.

Silka Papaya Premium Lotion with SPF 30 is also packed with Papaya enzymes and Vitamin B3 that, with regular use, help even out the skin for a bright, healthy-looking complexion. The milk and honey also aid in making the skin feel soft and supple.

For the celeb mom and daughter, Silka helps provide the alaga they need to look and feel their best. After all, to care for your skin is to care for yourself.

"For moms like me, ang ma-ipapayo ko lang is alagaan din nating maigi ang ating sarili,” Sunshine said in an online interview. “It is not bad na i-pamper natin ang sarili natin once in a while.”

“Kailangan natin yung energy, the sense of confidence, and fulfillment para makapagbigay tayo ng alaga sa pamilya natin,” she added.

“Please don't feel guilty about it. Kailangan mahalin at alagaan natin ang sarili natin para alam din natin kung papaano mamahalin at aalagaan ang iba.”

Angelina, for her part, believes that loving yourself is important no matter your age.

In her post on International Women’s Day, she said: "Encouraging you girls to love yourselves truly, as this [is] one of the first steps when it comes to personal growth."

Achieve a #WalangDudaAlagangSilka complexion like Sunshine and Angelina Cruz with the help of Silka Papaya Soap and Silka Papaya Premium Lotion with SPF 30. Shop these products via Shopee or Lazada.

For more information, follow Silka on Facebook and Instagram.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Silka.
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