Gretchen Barretto gives Tonyboy Cojuangco a shout-out on Mother’s Day

IMAGE @gretchenbarretto on Instagram

Gretchen Barretto gives credit to Tonyboy Cojuangco on Mother's Day. Inset: Gretchen and daughter Dominique Cojuangco.

Gretchen Barretto is celebrating Mother’s Day in San Francisco, California, where her unica hija Dominique Cojuangco is currently based.

On Instagram, she refers to her daughter as "my piece of heaven," but she dedicates the day to Tonyboy Cojuangco, her partner of 25 years and the dad of Dominique.

In one of her video posts, she says, "Because if not for Dada [Tonyboy]…no, I didn’t have to work, I only had to be with you, to watch you, to change your pampi, your smelly pampi, pampers.

"I went to school with you because I had the luxury to go to school with you, so thank Dada."

She has another appreciation post for the "perfect father," who let her become a full-time mom and relish the joys of motherhood with her "little one."

Part of her post reads, "I would not be this kind of mother if not for Tony who is a hands on father & the great provider, i was blessed to be able to retire from work & be a full time mom, i experienced the joy of motherhood every step of the way.


"Today is our special day. Thank you dom , if not for you I wouldn’t feel complete, i would not be a mom.

"Thank you, dada, for all your love. Thank you for being the mother and the father of this little bratzinella of ours."

Gretchen arrived in the U.S. on May 12 (Manila time), and was picked up by Dominique at the airport.

Hugging and 'sniffing' her daughter, she remarked, “And look who I am with--the best daughter in the world.

“Thank you baby for being my baby love.”

Meanwhile, Dominique told her mom, "I love you."

Gretchen threw in, "I love you more."

Dominique quipped, "I know."

And what was Gretchen's gift from her 24-year-old princess?

The former actress revealed, "She gave me a lot of makeup and a lot of love."


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