Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles are having a baby girl

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Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles reveal that they are going to be parents to a baby girl.

It’s a baby girl for Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles!

Early this week, the expecting parents made a trip to the hospital to find out if Aubrey is carrying a boy or a girl.

The fit celebrity mama is on her 20th week of pregnancy, which is the best time to get a clear view of the baby's genitals via ultrasound.

Troy recorded the moment with his phone camera.

As they made their way to the clinic, he asked, “Girl or boy?”

Aubrey's prediction was a girl, while Troy felt they're going to have another baby boy.

Happily, the actress was right.

Watch their gender reveal video below:

It's gender reveal time! Will we have a boy or a girl? ?????????? @milesaubrey

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Troy and Aubrey first became parents with their nine-year-old son Hunter (third from left).

Aubrey has a 16-year-old son named Maurie with her former partner JP Obligacion.

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The couple announced that they were expecting a baby on June 30 through a playful Instagram post.

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