Nico Bolzico reveals goal with wife Solenn Heussaff this year

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Nico Bolzico wants to have more quality time with wife Solenn Heussaff this year.

One of the main struggles of working couples these days is finding quality time to spend with each other.

It is especially harder for celebrities like Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff who do not have fixed working schedules.

At present, the Kapuso actress is busy with Cain at Abel and Taste Buddies, along with her business ventures.

Nico, for his part, is running LM10, his seven-year-old company which aims to support "local farmers and independent firms through introducing advanced technological solutions and machineries," and the Bolzico Beef.

But this 2019, Nico and Solenn have promised to spend more time with each other.

Though both of them have no qualms about spending Christmas and New Year holidays apart, the Argentinian businessman-brand endorser says they're hoping to create a balance between their time for work and married life.

The two will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary on May 21.

Nico tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the launch of Downy Sports on January 30, "We’re trying to make it a routine to take weekends, to take time for ourselves.


"I think, being very busy with her career, I’m getting busy with the company...I think life goes too fast if you don’t stop and start enjoying your time with your loved ones.

"So one of our desires for this year is to take more time and spend more time together."

And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, has Nico planned something romantic for Solenn?

"With Solenn, every day is Valentine’s for us," says the 35-year-old Argentinian businessman.

"But, yeah, I think that weekend, we’re gonna take a weekend just for the two of us.

"Probably, we will go to somewhere in Tagaytay to relax."

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Today we saw each other again after spending 3 weeks apart, and most important, Christmas and New Year. A lot of people asked us why. The truth is that we are so sure we will spend the rest of our lives together, that be apart for three weeks is nothing. My family is in Argentina (that is also Solenn’s family now) and one condition to move away from home is that I spend Christmas there every year. Solenn normally spends Christmas with her family (that is also my family) and then she meets me in Argentina. This year, because of her career she had to stay and that is ok. We give each other space and we miss each other so much, that is why we enjoy our time together even more, and all that is based on hard rock-solid petrified marble stone wolverine claws back silver strength trust relationship! So, some advice from #ELBolzico: • Don’t be afraid to give each other space or to miss each other; • Let her follow their careers • Let her go out with friends; • We don’t have to be part of everything she does; • Be always supportive and proud of what she does! Don’t try to cut their wings, let them fly (also because otherwise they will probably cut your bolz). I have no credentials to give any of those advices, but this is my IG and I post whatever I want, always pre-approved but my wife, but whatever I want that is in line with her! #NoWingsNoBolz #BulliedHusbandsClub #PostApprovedByWifezilla #IsPocholaTheCutestCreatureOnEarth? 📷: @allen__life

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