Lucy Torres launches Kalachuchi-inspired jewelry collection

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Lucy Torres on why she loves Kalachuchi flowers: "It stands for the strength to withstand tough challenges. It is also the flower of hospitality, of welcoming guests, and inviting them to stay."

Lucy Torres is the latest celebrity to launch her own jewelry collection.

The 44-year-old celebrity-politician unveiled on Instagram early today, March 26, her own jewelry collection inspired by the Kalachuchi flower.

Lucy's latest collection will have 50 pieces of different accessories made with precious gems and metals.

This is actually Lucy's third collaboration with Jul B. Dizon Jewelry.  

In a series of posts, Lucy said she drew inspiration from her childhood memories with her Lola Carmen in Cebu.

The Ormoc City congresswoman wrote in the caption,"We often spent summer vacation in Cebu, in Lola Carmen’s house on a hill.

"By the sweeping driveway would be big kalachuchi trees, blooming with flowers that sometimes fell as the wind blew.

"The garage would then be strewn with their random prettiness; we would pick them up and tuck them behind our ears, string and wear them as leis."

Lucy also revealed that her grandma loves jewelry.


She continued, "Lola Carmen loved jewelry. She was never not wearing something beautiful, even if she was just home and had nowhere special to go—a pair of earrings, bracelets always, a ring or two on her fingers.

"And she was always indulgent, allowing us grandchildren to play dress up with her treasures.

"She would show us an array of loose stones, too, and then tell us the many ways a platero could set it into something special.

"Little did I know then that far off in the future, all grown up in the here and now, I would have more than just a few chances to also create my own jewellery.

"For this collaboration with Candy and Jul B. Dizon, our third over the last decade or so, the anchor is the Kalachuchi, the beautiful flower of my childhood."


Lucy picked the Kalachuchi flower as her main inspiration since it is also the official flower of her hometown.

She wrote in a separate post, "The Kalachuchi is the official flower of Ormoc City.

"It stands for the strength to withstand tough challenges.

"It is also the flower of hospitality, of welcoming guests and inviting them to stay.

"Modern florists often recommend the kalachuchi as a gift for someone who has endured many challenges because this plant must be heated over 500 degrees F to catch alight and start burning.

"Aside from a natural toughness, the delicate look of the flower makes it a symbol of grace and prosperity."


Aside from gold and silver accessories, Lucy said she also used aquamarine stones in some pieces.

She explained in another post, "For the Kalachuchi collection I also used the aquamarine, mainly because blue is my favorite color, reminding me of sea and sky and so many of my beautiful dreams come true.

"Incidentally, aquamarine is the birthstone of March, widely loved for being the stone of eternal youth and happiness."



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