Why Maggie Wilson got rid of the designer pieces in her closet

IMAGE Nikko Tuazon

Maggie Wilson on her personal style: "I think now, I'm a little bit more relaxed with my style. I opt for pieces I really feel comfortable in."

Maggie Wilson is undoubtedly one of the most stylish beauty queens the country has ever had.

The former Binibining Pilipinas World titleholder usually updates her Instagram account with her latest OOTD posts and travel adventures.

But when it comes to fashion, Maggie has become a lot less brand conscious. 

On July 31, at the 10th anniversary party of Organique California held in Conrad Manila, Pasay City, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) talked to Maggie about her style transformation.

Maggie admitted that she was "really concerned about the brands" she was wearing when she was a lot younger.

She explained, "I think that's because I was in the industry. And being in showbiz or modeling, they all sort of ask, 'O, what are you wearing?' And you sort of feel the pressure when somebody else in the room says, 'Oh, I'm wearing this designer' or 'I'm wearing that designer.' You feel pressured na, 'Oh my gosh, I must wear this designer or that designer, my shoes need to be expensive, my bag needs to be expensive.'


"I felt that pressure when I was younger."

Maggie's perception of wearing luxury brands has changed over the years.

She said, "Now that I'm older and I'm out of it, in the real world, nobody really cares what you're wearing or where the dress is from.

"All they care about is whether it's cute or not."


This led to her decision to purge her closet of designer pieces that she barely uses. These clothes are either passed on to friends and family members, or sold at garage sales that Maggie likes to hold every now and then.

The former beauty queen related, "I'm sort of purging my closet slowly of, like, the designer stuff that I have.

"I do, like, a garage sale every year or every six months, or I give it to my sister."


When it comes to her style transformation, Maggie said she loves "classic" and "boho" pieces that are "more relaxed."

She added, "I think now, I'm a little bit more relaxed with my style. I think now, I opt for pieces I really feel comfortable in.

"I'm also very conscious with the type of fabrics of the clothes I buy. I really like linen, and cotton, and other stuff like that, like, natural materials."


Nikko Tuazon is a lifestyle writer with a strong interest in pop culture, fashion, beauty, and music. Connect with him on Instagram at @mrnikkotuazon.


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