Why finding a perfect watch for Alden Richards is no easy task

Alden Richards: "I can't be done in a day without a watch. It adds confidence. 'Yon nga, parang kapag lumabas ka ng bahay ng wala kang watch, para kang nakahubad."

For Alden Richards, getting a new watch is not as simple as buying it from a watch store.

The self-confessed “watch person” has a few considerations, especially that a watch serves him so many purposes aside from telling him what time is it.

It's an investment, a fashion accessory, part of his collection, to name a few.

The Pambansang Bae began, "You should really find a watch that suits your personality.”

At his media launch as the newest brand ambassador of TechnoMarine watches on June 22, he underscored that his timepiece should mirror his taste and style.

"Sometimes kasi, people buy watches kahit di bagay.

"The personality kasi really sticks to the watch that you wear.

"If you wear watches, kapag tiningnan 'yan ng isang watch person, like me, alam ko na kung ano ang personality mo.”

Here are his other requisites:

1. Pogi look.

At the event, Alden wore a blue and gold watch from the brand's Cruise One collection.

It was the first item given to him by TechnoMarine, and it's his current favorite.

"Parang the watch itself is pogi na already,” Alden flashed a smile.

"Then, whenever I go out, people would compliment my watch, 'It's a pogi watch.'

"Parang it gives you more confidence.”

He added, “I can't be done in a day without a watch. It adds confidence.

"'Yon nga, parang kapag lumabas ka ng bahay ng wala kang watch, para kang nakahubad."

2. Size matters.

"The problem about big-faced watches, minsan sa cuffs lumalabas, so nasisira 'yong whole outfit.

His is "not too big, not too small."

And given that he is a celebrity, it really has to compliment his OOTD.

In his own words, "parang swak na swak lang to every outfit you wear."

He added, “The thing about the face of the watch, may large, may mid size, may small.


“So ako, depending on my mood on what kind of watch I want to wear, mayroon silang different variants.”

3. Flexible.

Since he wears several outfits in a day, the watch has to be versatile.

He raved about the interchangeable strap of his watch.

"You can wear it formal or casually, and you can buy different straps.

“Every day, you can change different straps. It gives it a different look so parang mayroon kang bagong watch."

See, he wore it with a bead bracelet! "Isa ito sa pinaka-favorite ko. I used all the time in Eat Bulaga!

"As you can see, medyo fan ako ng beaded bracelets, pero religious bracelets. It's a nice pair,” he said.

Then, he stressed, “It's a watch that can be easily paired with a lot of clothing style.”

4. It has to leave a mark.

Along with the launch of Alden as the new endorser, a new tag line was also introduced to represent the brand, “live deeper.”

Alden mused, "Living deeper, for me, means leaving a mark to the people that you inspire.

"Kumbaga, being put in this position, being given this opportunity, I usually use it to inspire people.

"They all know that when I started in showbiz, I really started from the bottom. I worked my way up slowly, surely.

"Parang living deeper means you have to give a meaning to your life regardless of what you do.

"Hindi lang pang-artista ang tag line na 'yan, puwede rin sa other professions.

"Regardless of what you do, as long as you have a purpose for it, parang you find something deep into it that will satisfy you.

"Parang for me that is living deeper, you live for yourself and that affects the common good,” he concluded.





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