Five Kapamilya actresses and their enviable walk-in closets

See what's inside the closet of this five Kapamilya stars—(L-R) KC Concepcion, Kim Chiu, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, and Alex Gonzaga.

If you're getting at least a five-digit talent fee for every appearance on television or in an event, then you have every excuse to own a closet full of designer brands and other stuff fashionistas would want for themselves.

After all, you can afford them and you can't afford not to look good when being seen in public.

Here are walk-in closets of five Kapamilya stars.

See how their clothes, shoes, bags, hats, and accessories were neatly arranged, and get some inspiration for your own closet.

KC CONCEPCION decided to go for a cream-shaded closet with lighted and open-faced shelves.

Her wardrobe is arranged according to type and design—all long sleeves are together, all jeans are together, etc.

She also has a wall full of hats and other accessories.

Photos by: Rene Mejia

Read the original article in YES! Celebrity Homes Special 2013 issue.

ALEX GONZAGA opted for open racks, which can hold 80 pairs each, as her shoe organizers.

Just like her personality, her closet is filled with colorful clothes.

In the middle of the spacious room is a round pink ottoman where she can comfortably sit while trying on her shoes.

Photos by: Mikee Dee

Read original article in YES! Celebrity Homes 015.

KIM CHIU wanted a playful vibe in her walk-in closet thus the choice of colors white, pink, and green palette.

Her fully-upholstered round ottoman in hot pink also gave the room an additional accent.

The walls are covered with glass shelves and cabinets where her favorite designer shoes such as Chanel, Gucci, Tory Burch, and Christian Louboutin are stored.

Kim also has a separate level where her collectible bags are carefully displayed. Brands include Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Goyard.

Photos by: Mitch Mauricio

Read original article in YES! Celebrity Homes Special 2012.

ANNE CURTIS put a vanity table, paired with a lavender chair inside her closet.


Her two-level table and off-white built-in cabinets would never go out of style.

Anne's shoes are properly arranged in a transparent shoe rack, which is found in another room.

Photos by: Rene Mejia

Original article in YES! Celebrity Homes Special 2010.

BEA ALONZO dedicated an entire room for her clothes, shoes, and designer bags.

Interestingly, all the clothes and accessories she uses for work are kept in another room.

Her makeup mirror also has professional lighting.

Photo by: Rene Mejia

Read the original article in YES! Celebrity Homes Special 2013 issue.





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