Vice Ganda's luxurious love affair with Louis Vuitton x Supreme items

IMAGE Jose Marie Viceral and Glam Team Vice PH on Instagram

Vice Ganda's Louis Vuitton X Supreme Keepall 55 handbag alone costs more than half a million pesos!

Vice Ganda recently caught the attention of netizens for his enviable collection of the now-rare Louis Vuitton X Supreme fashion items.

On August 15, 2017, photos of the Kapamilya star with his Keepall 55 handbag and in his sport sneaker shoes were posted by Facebook user Pics.

The user also revealed that each item has a five-digit price tag plus the shipping fee.

The caption read: "Bet ko talaga 'tapos hinanap ko presyo. I'm shookt, mamshie. Ni shipping fee nga wala ako. Ampunin mo 'ko, Vice Ganda."

Dubbed by as the "most hyped-up fashion collaboration of all-time," these items created between LV's Parisian ateliers and Supreme's New York-based design studios were made available last July 14, in two pop-up stores—Los Angeles and Miami.

The stocks are limited so the resale prices of hoodies, tees, hats, and wallets have gone up.

Here's Vice in his Supreme tee.


According to his personal shopper Aimee Hashim of LoveLuxe Bags, his LV X Supreme Keepall 55 Red originally cost PHP390,000, but is now priced at PHP590,000 since the collaboration was cancelled. 

Meanwhile, the pair of LV X Supreme White Leather Monogram Sport Sneaker Shoes is priced at PHP73,000.


Vice Ganda's Bum Bag was by Gucci. Its price tag: PHP63,000.


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