Sarah Lahbati and her fascination with Gucci

IMAGE @sarahlahbati on Instagram

A quick browse through Sarah Lahbati's Instagram account will tell you just how much she likes Gucci.

A quick browse through Sarah Lahbati's Instagram account will tell you how crazy she is about Gucci.

Though she owns fashionable pieces from Louis Vuitton, Vetements, Zimmerman, and the local brand Bench, a number of her OOTD posts have featured the Italian label known for its red and green stripes.

This pair of Gucci Princetown black slippers, for instance, is her favorite.

Price: $995 or PHP51,068

Just like most fashionistas, Sarah finds a reliable panlakad buddy in these Ace embroidered sneakers with charming crystal mouth appliqués over the trompe l’oeil Web sequin embroidery.

Price: $870 or PHP44,652

Se also has pricey Gucci logo shirts in her growing collection.

Price: $550 or PHP28,228

Price: $550 or PHP28,228

This GG Marmont velvet mini bag in blue Chevron velvet must be really versatile because she has worn it to both casual and formal events.

She also brought this to her European trip last March, the month she got engaged to Richard Gutierrez.

Price: $1,290 or PHP66,209

This mini chain bag is part of the Souvenir collection.

The embroidery varies depending on the country. In the U.S., these bags can come with the words "Blind for Love," the title of Gucci's photo book, which was shot by New York-based British photographer Nick Waplington for the label’s cruise show in 2016.

Price:$1,100 or PHP56,457

Instagram fans have pointed out that Richard was first spotted wearing this Gucci Blind for Love cotton sweatshirt with a tiger at the center.

Price: $960 or PHP49,272

Sarah also has this web belt with the Double G buckle.

Price: $395 or PHP20,273

Photos: @sarahlahbati on Instagram

Prices courtesy of Gucci.Com





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