Scarlett Kramer pretty in pink in her bongga birthday gown

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Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia give their followers a peek at Scarlett Kramer's fantasy birthday gown.

Scarlett Kramer will be having a Winter Wonderland-themed party for her seventh birthday, and the young social media star already has the perfect dress to wear at her bash.

Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia posted a first look at Scarlett's pink tulle ball gown on their Instagram accounts.

Though it was still unfinished, Doug described Scarlett's gown as "bongga!"

The father of three wrote, "Scarlett's 7th bday GOWN! One word to describe it, Bongga!! And it's not embellished yet!"

Cheska added, "Look at you baby, you'll be turning 7 in a few days. You look lovely in your birthday gown. Your gown is not done yet but it looks so pretty already as is. I am so excited and happy for you…"

Designer and costume maker Mimi of Bumblebee and Company created Scarlett's fantasy gown.

Mimi was also the same designer who made Kendra's red birthday gown for her seventh birthday two years ago.


Since June 2016 when Kendra had her seventh birthday celebration, Scarlett has been mooning about her own happy seventh birthday non-stop.

"The long wait is over Scarlett!" Cheska announced early this month.

"Our birthday girl is turning 7 soon. She is so excited and can't wait for her big day. Ever since Kendra celebrated her 7th birthday she has been dreaming of hers...

"We can't wait for your winter wonderland celebration!"

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