Seven yummy merienda spotted on stars' Instagram

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What's their merienda? Priscilla Meirelles (left) goes for Brazilian bread, while Lucy Torres enjoys crackers.

Nag-meryenda ka na ba?

If you're looking for alternative snacks, here are some ideas from the stars' Instagram posts.

They're healthy, not too salty or sweet. They're not not too heavy on tummy. They're not junk food.

1. Cracker and cheese pimiento

Lucy Torres Gomez raves about the homemade crackers of Rica Torres.

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2. Salted egg potato chips

Regine Velasquez's Sarap Diva recipe is so easy to prepare.

Ingredients: 4 pcs. potato, sliced thinly; 6 pcs. curry leaves; 6 pcs. salted egg yolk, mashed; 4 tbsp. butter, salt, and pepper to taste; cooking oil.

  • Fry potatoes until crispy. Set aside.
  • Heat pan and melt butter.
  • Add in curry leaves.
  • Add in salted egg yolks and mix until smooth.
  • Toss in fried Potato chips.
  • Serve immediately.

3. Banana chips

Gretchen Barretto is "addicted" to this pack of banana chips.

4. Nuts and beans

Nuts are high in fiber and contain unsaturated fats, which, according to DailyMail.Co.Uk, "can help prevent blood clotting and maintain a regular heart rhythm."

Gelli de Belen says they are "yummy," too.

5. Avocado and plant-based Cheese on Toast

This is actually Judy Ann Santos's favorite post-workout meal.

6. Adobo Tuna Sandwich

This one's prepared by Marian Rivera.

7. Brazilian Cheese Bread

Also known as Pao de Queijo, it is a popular snack in Brazil made with Cassava flour.

Priscilla Meirelles gets them freshly-baked from Brazilian Bakery.

Best of all, they can be enjoyed by the whole family or with your office mates.





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