Why Kris Aquino spends PHP14,000 a week on fruits

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Kris Aquino says she and eldest son Josh love fruits: "Kami ni Kuya, mahilig kami sa fruits and mahirap ako pakainin ngayon, so dinadaan na lang sa fruits."

Kris Aquino is probably the only person anyone knows who spends on fruits to the tune of thousands of pesos.

The 48-year-old celebrity mom revealed she spends about PHP14,000 a week on fruits, which comes to about PHP56,000 a month  

"I think sure na sure ako with the fruit budget, it’s 14,000 a week for fruits," the host-actress-web star told the press at the launch of Asvel in The Podium, Mandaluyong City last Friday, February 22.

Kris explained that fruits take up a huge chunk of the family diet, especially her eldest son, Josh.

She explained, "Kuya has a special menu because he has acid reflux, so there are so many things that he has to avoid and 'yon kailangan niya talaga.

"He likes eating five times a day, so he has breakfast, he has lunch and then fruits for merienda, and a pick-upper.

"Nagbabaon pa siya ng sandwich or something from the house and then mayroon siyang full dinner, and yung dinner niya also has... hindi puwedeng matapos yung dinner without fruit platter."


Kris added that she has also been consuming more fruits in the past few weeks.

"Kami ni Kuya, mahilig kami sa fruits, and mahirap ako pakainin ngayon so dinadaan na lang sa fruits."

Milk comes second on their grocery list; Kris, however, did not mention how much they spend on it.

She narrated, "I also know na medyo malaki yung budget for milk because isang gallon of milk.

"I won’t name it, ha. We’re not endorsing it naman, kasi that’s the one that we like so isang gallon.

"It’s two-thirds of the day; two of those, practically every three days, nauubos namin.

"Wala pa nga si Kuya do'n, so maybe more, maybe one and a half of those every day so you can imagine every day.

"We’re spending on milk kasi yun yung staple ng life ko. I start with a full glass of milk and then all throughout the day.


"There are so many things that are difficult for me to consume; I like milk, so yung para na lang mapakain ako, sige na ibibigay na lang nila at least today, may nakain."

Kris did not reveal how much her household spends on groceries, but the actress-host confirmed that she splurges on food.

She said, "In my defense, my mom taught me kasi na hindi puwedeng gutumin ang mga tao, and they're...

"Pag daytime, there are about 24 to 28 people in the house, and then night time, there are 14 of us."

The daytime people she was referring to are the staff of her at-home company, KCAP.

She continued, "So you can imagine what the food expenses are. May petty cash na allowance for food, but I ask for all the receipts."

The I Love You, Hater star added, "I know how much the budget is for outside because we have drivers, we have guards, and all and they’re all beefy.


"I mean they eat a lot of rice and then yung ulam, marami, so it’s a lot."


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