How Georgina Wilson, Rufa Mae Quinto, Neri Naig, and Gladys Reyes stay fit during pregnancy

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Neri Naig keeps herself busy and active while waiting for Baby Alfonso III. She likes to walk with husband Chito Miranda. She takes a lot of selfies. She has also been doing household chores such as mopping the floor.

More and more celebrities have been proving that pregnancy is not an idle nine-month journey at all.

Though some of them had difficulties in their first trimester, their life now is almost back to normal.

That means, they get to do their usual activities which is good, especially if it includes light and less-intensity exercises., says "It is really important to stay fit and strong throughout pregnancy.

"Reasonably performed exercise doesn't appear to cause harm, and may, in fact, have benefits."

Check out how these soon-to-be moms stay fit.

Georgina Wilson, who is due to give birth in December, does brisk walking and works out in the gym.

Freaking love LA forever ???? also loving my comfy work out clothes from #certifiedcalm ??

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She also welcomes swimming, which helps relieves the body aches.

Freaking love LA forever ???? also loving my comfy work out clothes from #certifiedcalm ??

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Rufa Mae Quinto is into prenatal pilates, which "builds strength, balance and stamina, but can help you have an easier labor, too," according to

She's also into prenatal yoga, which helps in the "breathing techniques to reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor," says


Namaste baby #prenatalyoga everlu ... Kembular ????????????????????????

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Neri Naig keeps herself busy, doing chores in the kitchen, laundry area, living room, and their bedroom.

On Instagram, she captions: "Recently kase napapansin ko hindi na ganun kabango ang bahay. Kaya I decided na ako mismo ang maglampaso. Saka exercise na rin."

She has also been doing "night time walking" with her husband Chito Miranda.

Night time walking with my Alfonso Jr and Alfonso lll. ?

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Gladys Reyes, who maintained her petite frame after three pregnancies, plans to work "hanggang kaya ko."

She never had any fitness routine, thanks to her genes, but she likes to move a lot.





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