Rufa Mae Quinto gets bikini bod back in time for summer

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Rufa Mae Quinto gives herself a pat on the back for achieving her weight goal of 52.4 kgs. For the comedienne/actress, it's an achievement that's perfect for summer.

Rufa Mae Quinto did it!

More than a year after giving birth to her daughter Alexandria, she finally returned to her pre-baby weight of 52.4 kgs.

It will be recalled that she gained more than 80 pounds during her pregnancy, which took her a lot of time and effort to shed off.

The first-time celebrity mom was overwhelmed with pride and joy as she flaunted her toned curves on Instagram.

She showed off her toned arms, legs, and flat tummy as she donned a light blue one-piece swimsuit.

The comedienne/actress wrote on her post, "Saludo na ako sya sarili ko... awa ng diyos kaya pala bumalik ang body natin after manganak at mag gain ng 85 lbs .

"Ang saya ko lang in time for summer, na achieve ko ang original weight ko.

"Gusto ko tumalon sa saya. Gusto ko din maiyak Kasi pumayat ako ng kusa."

And what was the celebrity mama's secret?

Rufa Mae briefly revealed, "Nag bawas lang ako ng sugar , carbs, salt and fried foods, nag alaga ng anak @alexandriamagallanes ayun!

"Bumalik sa showbiz haha. Kaya todo na to."

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