Why Bea Alonzo removed meat from her diet

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Bea Alonzo on why she chose to remove meat from her diet: "Ayoko na rin i-support yung farming ng cows and pigs. That's the reason why I became a pescatarian."

Bea Alonzo has adopted the Pescatarian diet for more than a year.

Some people choose not to include any type of meat on their diet in order to lose weight faster.

The Kapamilya actress, however, says there's more it it than just losing weight.

"Pescatarian na ako for one year and a half," the 30-year-old Star Magic talent tells PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during her Headliner shoot on May 7, at ELJ Communications Center in Quezon City.

"One year and six months na no beef, pork, or even chicken." 

Pescatarians are those who add fish or seafood to their plant-based or vegetarian diet. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term was first used in the early '90s.

There are many reasons—including moral, religious, or health—why people choose to adopt this diet.

In the case of the Kasal actress, it's mostly because of the moral complexities of eating meat.


Bea further explains, "Kasi marami namang di naniniwala sa pinaniniwalaan ko. Hindi naman siya actually for slimming down.

"I did that because I watched [documentaries] that don’t condone eating meat.

"Naisip ko lang na it’s better for my body if I just ate vegetables. Actually, fish nga hindi na rin masyado.

"Pero I eat fish kasi hindi ko kaya na walang protein. Hindi ko kayang ang protein ko lang ay beans at tofu."

She adds, "But yun na nga, ayoko na rin i-support yung farming ng cows and pigs. That’s the reason why I became a pescatarian."

On losing weight, Bea says there are no shortcuts.

"You can’t cut corners when trying to lose weight. Talagang nag-exercise ako.

"Pagdating sa diet and losing weight, talagang exercise and eating clean yung number one.

"Like hindi na ako kumakain ng mga de lata, mga processed, matagal na.

"Kahit na fast food, sobrang tagal na since last ako kumain.


"Pero kumakain pa rin naman ako paminsan-minsan ng sweets, chips. I still reward myself once in a while."


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