Mariel Padilla reveals funny trick to maintain her weight

IMAGE Noel Orsal, marieltpadilla on Instagram Stories (inset)

Mariel Padilla's weight maintenance trick: portion control. "If today, I'm in the mood for pasta, I'll eat pasta. But I won't eat all of it, okay? I'll share with someone, ganyan."

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is back in shape, successfully shedding off more than 40 pounds.

“One pata was 26 [in measurement]! That was my waistline before! One pata! Imagine that!” the celebrity mom said during her exclusive chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Marie France office in Bonifacio Global City.

Mariel’s heaviest weight on record was 178 pounds.

“I was fat in places you’d never imagined,” the wife of Robin Padilla exclaimed.

But the pregnancy fats had been melted away, and now she’s back to her pre-pregnancy figure.

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Mariel Padilla declares,
Mariel Padilla declares, "Fat is not forever!"
Mariel Padilla proud to finally leave her fat days behind
Mariel Padilla proud to finally leave her fat days behind

At this point, Mariel promised to be extra mindful of the food she eats.

While the first-time mom still ate whatever she desired, Mariel wouldn’t be munching on second servings anymore.

She said, “Portion control is the best because I still eat what I want to eat. If today, I’m in the mood for pasta, I’ll eat pasta.

“But I won’t eat all of it, okay? I’ll share with someone, ganyan.

“Kasi dati kulang sa akin. You’ll be surprised kung ganoong karami kaya kong kainin noon.”

On May 25, Mariel shared through her Instagram Stories that she placed a photo of her heavier self inside the refrigerator to make sure she stays focus on maintaining her current weight.

“I put this in my kitchen to help motivate me!!! Haha!

“So, every time I open the refrigerator, I decide… do you really want to do that?!?!?!”





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