Toni Gonzaga recounts feeding stale mashed apricot to Seve

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Toni Gonzaga recounts food poisoning scare during European trip with Baby Seve.

Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano have been bringing their toddler Seve to trips abroad since he was a baby.

The couple believes that exploring other places helps improve the baby's motor skills.

In Toni's previous interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), she said, "...there are milestones na nangyayari every time we travel.

"Kasi when we travel, we are able to open his eyes to something new, so it stimulates not just his imagination but his mind, body…

"Para nabo-broaden yung horizon niya. Parang mas mabilis yung pagma-mature niya as a baby. Yung nakaka-keep up siya."

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But this is not to say their travels have been devoid of any stress.

In fact, on their European trip in October 2017, Seve had a food poisoning scare.

At the recent event of of Nature's Spring, Toni recalled, "I remember, there was one time, it was my fault. Nasa Florence [Italy] kami, may dala ako na fruit na nasa tetra pack.

"Yung mga mashed fruit na pinapakain na binili ko sa store. E, dapat pala yun, pag pinakain mo, pag in-open mo once, dapat pala yun nasa cool area, refrigerated.

"Nung hapon na, kaya pala yung itsura ni Seve tuwing papakainin ko...

"Sabi ko, ‘Ah, you don’t like apricot, you have to eat apricot.’

"Pinakain ko pa ng apat na subo, 'tapos sabi ko, ‘Bakit kaya ganun lagi yung face niya?’

"'Tapos pag kain ko, ‘Oh my gosh, ang asim na niya…’"

Diarrhea is common among baby illnesses, but thankfully, Toni said her son did not have it.

The 34-year-old actress said, "After 30 minutes, wet na yung poo-poo niya."

She was grateful nothing serious had happened to Seve during their vacation.

"Praise God yun nga lang nangyari, ‘tapos sobrang dasal ko, 'Sana po wag ma-food poison kasi nasa ibang bansa kami.'


"Nung gabi na, hinihintay ko kung wet pa yung poops niya, hindi na."

A similar incident happened in Hong Kong.

In a separate interview, Toni revealed that Seve almost swallowed a mineral water cap.

"We were going up the escalator, and then Paul was holding this mineral water.

"And he [Seve] got the cover of mineral water.

"So we were just talking, and then I said, ‘Let’s cover the mineral water.’ Sabi ko, ‘Where’s the cover?’ Sabi niya [Paul], ‘I don’t know, it’s with you…’

"Then we saw Seve [makes choked sound].

"Yung heart mo di ba parang bumagsak agad sa floor.

"He was trying to swallow the cover."


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