Preggy Aubrey Miles still works out during her third trimester

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Aubrey Miles encourages pregnant moms to remain active and physically fit all throughout their pregnancy.

Aubrey Miles’ Instagram account is a virtual diary of sorts for her fitness journey.

Now on the third trimester of her pregnancy, the wife of Troy Montero says she has remained physically active for her own and soon-to-be baby’s benefit.

The celebrity mom is known for her "beast mode" workouts.

After all, she has been a gym buff practically all her life. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a short chat with the pregnant mom on October 3, 2018 via Instagram Direct.

She shares, “I’ve been working out since I was a teenager.

“This is my 3rd child and I also did workout with the 2.

“We actually need to do more on our last trimester to be able to have an easier labor.”

Fit moms could also attest that it is the perfect path to faster postpartum weight loss and recovery.

She and husband Troy are expecting their baby girl by the end of December.

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Before engaging in any workout routine, Aubrey stresses the importance of getting a go signal from her doctor.

“I made sure I have clearance from my doctor.

“I always consult every month just to make sure.

“At my age, I have more restriction than when I was younger, a little harder now but I’m glad I can still do it.”

She adds, “I also enjoy working out now because it tests my discipline and dedication to staying fit.”

In the Instagram post she put out that day, she wrote, “Your body will always want to give up before your mind does.

"Keep going. Stop when you’re done. Go go”

Aubrey reminds all pregnant ladies, “Make sure you ask your doctor if you’re physically capable of any fitness activity.

“Doesn’t need to be at the gym like mine, walking, yoga, swimming is also good.


“Maybe for others who can’t do any physical activities, focus on healthy food intake.

“We need to be more aware of what we eat now.”





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