Michela Cazzola wows in swimsuit four months after giving birth to second baby

IMAGE @michelacazzola on Instagram

Michel Cazzola enjoys her Sunday with a dip in the pool together with her partner James Yap and their eldest MJ.

Michela Cazzola greeted her Instagram followers with "Happy Sunday" clad in a two-piece swimsuit.

Since it was not even four months since she gave birth to her daughter on June 27, 2018, the netizens couldn't help but notice her flat tummy.

The Italian partner of basketball star James Yap gave them a simple answer: "Work out and try to eat clean!"

Here's another question, "Do you eat carbs?"

She replied, "I do!!! As long as you work out, you can eat what you want (in moderation)."

In another post, Michela reiterated that she's not following a no-carbs diet.

"Yes, exercise is really a must. But I eat rice."

To those who described her post-baby bod as "perfect," she quipped, "It’s the angle, my hips are big!"

And what did she do with the stretchmarks?

Michela revealed, "I moisturized a lot, used Palmer’s butter or balm something, Aesop and many different oils, moisturizing all day every day."


By the way, she and James have two kids: Michael James, two years old, and Francesca Michelle, three months old.


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