New mom Aubrey Miles losing weight due to breastfeeding

IMAGE @milesaubrey on Instagram

Aubrey Miles gave birth to her daughter Rocket on December 14. She is her third child.

Thanks to her regular workouts, Aubrey Miles was fit throughout her pregnancy.

And three weeks since she gave birth to Baby Rocket, she happily told her Instagram followers that she has been losing weight.

This time, however, the 40-year-old star gave credit to breastfeeding, which can burn as much as "500 calories," which is equivalent to 40 minutes of running on the treadmill.

She wrote, "So far she’s totally healthy and gained weight from all my breast milk. What’s awesome is I lost weight from it. 500 calories per feed. That’s 40 mins running [on] the treadmill.

"Imagine feeding her the whole day. I will gladly do it."


But breastfeeding is not that easy. Among the initial problems are latching and increasing the milk supply.

Feeding on demand is even more challenging. Isabelle Daza and Kylie Padilla, to name a few, have interesting stories about their little ones crying for milk regardless of where they are.

Aubrey chose to see it as a phase.

She said, "This is the only season of my life, and I won’t be breastfeeding forever. I choose to cherish the moments I get to provide milk for her. Just going with the flow I can make it another 10days, 10 weeks or 10months. All I know is I’m doing my best. To all the mothers out there, I SALUTE You. Let’s continue inspiring each other."


Rocket is her second child with partner Troy Montero.


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