How Bianca Umali achieves her summer-ready bikini body

IMAGE Nikko Tuazon / @bianxa on Instagram

Bianca Umali regularly works out in preparation for her in-the-flesh title role in new Badjao-themed teleserye.

Rarely does Bianca Umali pose in swimwear, but just recently, she stunned her Instagram followers with her bikini photos.

On Friday, February 8, she uploaded a photo showing off her summer-ready body.

The Kapuso teen actress, however, did not reveal where or when was the photo was taken.

It simply showed the cool blue waters of the sea and her jaw-dropping bod.

Based on Bianca's previous Instagram posts, the photo could be from her beach trip in November 2018.

According to Bianca, she started working out regularly in preparation for her title role in new Badjao-themed prime-time drama series, Sahaya.

"Actually, I'm very active physically," she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press at the launch of Gluta-C's new packaging on Tuesday, February, 19 at Mess Hall in Makati City.

"I've exceeded my limit because I really wanted to do a huge change physically for Sahaya."

The 18-year-old GMA-7 talent said she has made it a ritual to spend an hour in the gym during her free time.


"Pag walang work as much as possible; if every day kaya then, kung pasok lang sa busy schedule.

"One [hour] is actually enough, but I exceed, like, four hours or five."


Bianca did achieve her sexy curves in just a few months through dancing and weightlifting, among many others.

She said, "Aside from the dance classes I go to for Sahaya, I also work out regularly.

"I go Circuit Training. I also do weightlifting, I also do a lot of cardio.

"For diet, I am not taking in any sugar. I take in carbs when I want to.

"But as much as possible, no carbs and no sugar diet and more workout."

The Mulawin vs Ravena actress admitted she has not tried to find out her exact weight

Bianca said, "I don't really weigh in. I don't know why, but I feel uncomfortable weighing in.

"Every time I weigh in, kahit na, let's say, nag-drop na or sabi nila magaan na ako.


"I feel like I'm still so heavy. So I don't weigh in 'cause it demoralizes me.

"But I believe I've been losing weight because a lot of people told me already."

Bianca admitted that avoiding sweets could be tough at times. Her guilty pleasures?

"Cookies! Oh my gosh, I'm such a sucker for cookies! Kasi I have a sweet tooth.

"Kaya ko dessert lang my whole life, na walang gulay or anything."

She also confessed to having her "cheat days" on her diet.

"f I feel like I deserve it I reward myself with a cheat day."

But the Kapuso star remains determined to achieve her goal.

Bianca said, "I'm working on it, as long as may purpose naman.

"And I have a goal, sobrang disciplined ako."


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