Alden Richards relies on this hygiene product to stay fresh and cool during busy days

It's hard to look and smell fresh all the time, but the actor has no problem pulling it off.
4 days ago

Ever since he broke into show business in 2011, Alden Richards has been one of the hardest-working talents in the country. On top of being an award-winning actor, he’s also a model and an active musician, and even finds time to be an ambassador for two health-related advocacies. 

When he’s not attending to his showbiz hustle, Alden still manages to stay busy. He’s often seen enjoying his downtime with esports, or with some of his sportier hobbies like hiking, enjoying spectacular views from the peaks of Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao. 

It’s safe to say that the star makes full use of his time, which is why he’s always been serious about staying healthy. And because he usually finds himself bouncing from shoots to concerts to recordings and more, he needs to make sure that he looks and feels fresh all day.

That’s why Alden was more than happy to become (Ethyl Alcohol) Casino Active’s newest ambassador, as we can obviously spot in this picture.

He is a user of the product, especially during his busiest days. From disinfecting his hands before eating to splashing some to his body to cool down after a workout, he truly is a part of the #CasinoFam.

Ethyl Alcohol is known to kill germs—especially since it is made from sugarcane—and is not dry on the skin. This allows Alden to achieve a fresh and protected feeling throughout his day.

When it comes to schedules, few are as hectic—or as active—as Alden Richards’. Being able to stay fresh and clean despite his busy days is incredibly important to him, especially when his work involves meeting a lot of people. By keeping his trusty bottle of Ethyl Alcohol handy with him, he can pull through the rigors of his schedule looking and feeling #AlcohooolFresh. 

Wondering what disinfectant Alden is using? Make sure to visit his Instagram.



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