YouTube Stars Bogart the Explorer, Tsong and Tsonggo Show What 'Saktong Pogi' Means

Vloggers Bogart the Explorer and Wil Dasovich bring their signature humor to the latest campaign of men's care brand Kojie San Men.
May 27, 2016
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Skin care brands usually get good-looking models and artistas to be their ambassadors.

Because these pretty faces look flawless, it's often difficult to connect to them.

Kojie San Men has chosen to defy the norm and become relatable to most men with its latest campaign, Saktong Pogi.

The men's care brand has tapped YouTube vloggers Marco Ho, famous for his antics as Bogart the Explorer from Davao City, and Fil-Am Wil Dasovich, popular for videos of his attempts at speaking Tagalog in his Tsong and Tsonggo channel. 

For Marco and Wil, being part of the Saktong Pogi campaign is a remarkable experience.

They only need to be themselves and showcase their own brands of humor instead of having to show their "perfect" side. 

It's easily seen in the campaign's launch video, where Marco appears as Bogart the Explorer and catches what he calls the Philippine model: Wil. 

"Fun and unconventional are the two most common words used to describe me, so being part of this campaign is simply amazing as I just have to be myself!" Marco says.

Wil says, "I really enjoyed the humor! That's what I am all about. It was cool how we got to embellish our real personalities and comedic side while being able to incorporate that in the commercial itself. 

"Stereotypical commercials tend to get repetitive, and this was definitely a fun one that kept things interesting."

At the core of the Saktong Pogi campaign is good grooming and hygiene.

Instead of aspiring for near impossible standards, guys should focus on being the best version of themselves: clean, presentable, and well-rounded—characteristics that both Bogart and Wil have. 

"My wit, confidence, and smooth, pimple-free skin make me Saktong Pogi," Marco says.

Wil says that being Saktong Pogi is "having just the right amount of confidence and being able to work with what you've got." 

The Saktong Pogi campaign marks their first collaboration, and the two have only good things to say about each other.

On Marco, Wil says, "He has incredible talents for being spontaneous and on the spot. He's a super witty guy. In person, you really get to appreciate how well he is at his craft as he takes on the Bogart persona. Surprisingly, he is a really calm guy in real life, although he's even funnier off-screen." 

Marco describes Wil: "His energy is contagious and knows no limit. We also complement each other in a lot of ways, allowing us to find that right balance with our individual personalities. Sakto ba. Saktong Pogi." 

Visit Saktong Pogi on Facebook to find out more about the campaign.

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