Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer surprise kids with their own "adventure zone"

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Cheska Garcia and husband Doug Kramer surprised their children Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin with their very own adventure zone in their new house.

Cheska Garcia and husband Doug Kramer have started moving into their mansion with their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

Collectively known as Team Kramer, the whole family is currently at the height of fixing and cleaning their dream family home.

For over a year now, the couple has been giving their Instagram followers a sneak peek of their new home.

On Sunday, June 23, the couple unveiled a special area they built for their three kids: their very own "adventure zone."

Doug recorded his children's reaction, and posted the video on his Instagram page.

Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin were thrilled to have their own indoor playground, which features climbing areas, two slides, and a ball pit.

Doug wrote on Instagram, "Our new house blessing surprise for the Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin! [heart emoji]

"I kept this as a surprise from them throughout the construction.

"I just gave hints about a different kind of playroom for them.


"Their reaction says it all!! We love you babies! Love, Papa and Mama [heart eyes emoji]"

In the video, the basketball player said, "We've yet to put their toys here and over there, so while we're hanging out over there, the kids can play over here."

Doug also revealed that it was his idea to put a mini-adventure zone.


He asked his wife what she thought of the kids' new play area, and Cheska replied, "It's great! I like it!"

Team Kramer started moving into their new home last Saturday, June 22, after two years of construction.

In an Instagram post, Doug bid farewell to their previous home in Pasig City.

He wrote, "We bid goodbye today to the house we called home for over 6 years.

"A few tears were shed, mine perspired the most.

"I knew how much effort and hard work and prayers it took for this home to come together.

"Our family of 5 started here, Team Kramer began here.

"Can't help but be in awe of God's goodness. We didn't deserve this house.

"Moreso the new one. But the Lord's grace goes far beyond what we can comprehend.

"Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning!

"The next chapter for Team Kramer begins now!"



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