Alden Richards's top things to do during Holy Week

Alden Richards on what his family will do on Easter Sunday, March 27: "I've arranged that on Sunday mag-relax naman sila somehow sa Batangas. Yes, hindi ko sila puwede iwan nang hindi sila makapag-bonding even without me. Parang magsama-sama lang sila, okay na ako. Makiki-Viber na lang ako."

Growing up, Alden Richards revealed that he never experienced going out of town during Lenten break.

“Before I entered showbiz, hindi po talaga kami palalabas,” Alden admitted.

As far as he remembers, the farthest he got to visit was his aunt’s place in Manila.

“I’ve never really experienced a vacation na we’ll go out of town.

“We’ve never experienced that.

“Always ‘pag bagkasyon, kami lang magkakasama sa Laguna.

“When my aunt was here, we go to their place dito sa Manila.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Alden in a presscon where he was launched as the newest celebrity endorser of Neozep.

This writer originally asked Alden for his top three favorite getaways during vacation.

Instead, the Pambansang Bae gave us a glimpse of his simplicity, love for his family, and traditional values.

Thanks to his paternal grandmother, Alden grew up observing Catholic traditions during Holy Week.

“Kapag Holy Week, hindi kami nagbabakasyon kasi ayaw ni Lola [Linda].

“Ayaw niya nang nagpapakasarap kami while si Jesus is on the way to Calvary.”

It just so happened that this year, he had to fly to Canada, where he will have a concert tour.

Nevertheless, he told PEP that his siblings will definitely observe their family traditions at home this Lenten season.

Here are some of Alden’s top things to do during Holy Week:

1. Observe the Visita Iglesia.

Visita Iglesia or church visit is a Roman Catholic Lenten tradition which brings the devotee to seven churches on the evening of Holy Thursday.


If you can’t join pilgrimage tours, you can opt to visit several churches near your place.

2. Listen to Pabasa or reading of the passion.

Pabasa ng Pasyon, or simply Pabasa, is a Catholic ritual where readers take turns in chanting verses of "Pasyong Mahal," an epic poem that chronicles the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to Alden, he is familiar with this Lenten ritual because his Lola Linda often reads the Pabasa during Holy Week.


3. Watch movies about Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

Speaking about his family’s tradition, Alden said, “Twelve noon pa lang nakaupo na kami sa harap ng TV or pupunta na lang sila [Alden’s siblings] kung saan yung 'seven last words' [movies depicting His reflections].”

Some of the popular Lenten movies are Passion of The Christ, The Ten Commandments, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Gospel of John

4. Spend Easter Sunday with family.

Now that he can afford out-of-town trips, Alden revealed that he organized a quick vacation for Lola Linda, his dad, and siblings.

The Kapuso heartthrob told PEP, "I've arranged that on Sunday, mag-relax naman sila somehow sa Batangas.

"Yes, hindi ko sila puwede iwan nang hindi sila makapag-bonding even without me.

"Parang magsama-sama lang sila, okay na ako. Makiki-Viber na lang ako."





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