John Lloyd Cruz happy to accept "leading man role" of OFWs

With his latest endorsement, John Lloyd Cruz takes on the role of "leading man" to overseas Filipino workers.

To all OFWs (or Overseas Filipino Workers), John Lloyd Cruz has a message for you: I feel you.

At his launch as the endorser of Western Union, he told the media, “It takes a lot of courage to actually leave the country and everyone and everything behind para lang makapag-provide sa pamilya natin, ng opportunity para maabot yung pangarap.

"So to be part of that and para lapitan tayo para maging partner, unique yon. It’s a rare opportunity.”

During his speech, John Lloyd mentioned that he is delighted to take on the “leading-man role” of the OFWs, whom the actor referred to as real-life heroes.

"Parang it’s all in the service of the Filipinos working abroad, so parang I just want to do my part, do my share...

"...I am challenged to get to know my kababayans more so that I can effectively do my part in motivating and helping them to uplift their lives, and that of their families."

Now what will make him an "effective" endorser of a company that cater to OFWs?

“Credibility siguro,” he responded.

“With my background kasi, I used to have a lot of family [members] who work abroad. Actually, up to now, meron pa rin naman po.

“I think I can contribute even further when it comes to making it personal because it was a personal agenda to me.

“Back then, actually ngayon kasi, yung mga brothers ko umuwi na so yung mommy ko yung mas actively gumagamit ng services.





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